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Please Help...Have No Idea What to Do About This
Okay I have been having these on-going symptoms for months now and they just seem to be getting worse, I have a feeling (with my acute health training) that this could be something neurological.

Here are my symptoms:
1) Head aches almost every day (give or take 2) on a pain level 6 out of 10.
2) (Sometimes non-responsive) loss of consciousness (my friends have had to carry me around when this happens) and I'll wake up maybe a couple hours later sometimes minutes later with little memory of what I was doing before I loose consciousness. I'll wake up and either have a headache or drowsiness and sometimes my muscles twitch.
3) Most of the time I loose consciousness later on in the day after I get one of my headaches.
4) B/P and pulse fluctuate between low and high.
5)I have a very hard time sleeping after this happens. I'll try to lay down and I feel like my heart is racing and in pitch dark I start to think I'm seeing things.
6) I have recently started having nausea now in addition to my precious symptoms.
7) I find it hard to process simple tasks and have had trouble comprehending the simplest of things.

I have went to the doctor and they told me it could be something neurological. I am not sure, and I am going to see a neurologist hopefully here soon but if anyone on here could please give me some input on what you think could be wrong based on my symptoms or just any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
I have NEVER in my life had any of these problems before and I am completely in the dark on what could be wrong or what I should do =(
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