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Please answer re re Possible infection

  Please answer my second letter on Possible infection from Phil B
Sorry I missed your follow-up question. They get buried deep in the pile really easily.
Migraine is a syndrome whose symptoms are believed to be related to abnormal contraction and/or dilation of blood vessels around the brain. The brain itself feels no pain but the vessels have mechanisms which detect stretch, and so do the linings of the brain (meninges) through which those vessels run. The syndrome of migraine may or may not involve an "aura" of focal neurological symptoms, followed by the headache (which may or may not feel like it's coming from a specific place in the head), and associated symptoms such as nausea and exquisite sensitivity to light and sound. The typical migraine lasts a few hours to a couple of days.
The specific focal neurologic symptoms depend on which artery is affected. "Basilar" migraine refers to a specific artery (the basilar artery) which supplies blood to the brainstem. Therefore, you may experience vertigo, loss of consciousness, or other symptoms related to dysfunction of the brainstem. Basilar migraine is less common. The symptoms you described in your second posting could in fact be related to migraine, though they are sufficiently complex to prevent diagnosis in this setting.
It helps to know that the CT scans of your sinuses didn't reveal signs of inflammation.
I think you really ought to see an experienced headache specialist. If you are across the country from CCF then you might find an academic center within a couple hundred miles of home. But if you live near northeast Ohio, try setting up an appointment with a neurologist. Your story is fascinating, and I have a hunch that someone might be able to figure out what is going on. As you know, my own response is designed for your educational purposes only; specific diagnostic, prognostic, or treatment related information must come from your doctor after face-to-face interview, exam, and thoughtfully selected tests.
Hope this helps. CCF MD mdf.

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