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Proggressive Vision Loss
I have been facing vision Loss and Vision Changes (in both the eyes) for the past 18 months.
my vision flickers continuolsy 24/7 and flickering increases everyday and vision becomes dim progressively and seeing after images and big floaters and i amn't able to see checks like patterns.
I have strabismus in the right eye from birth
I am having pain in one eye on one day and pain in the other eye on other day. its happening continuously
I have Tinnitus that is also increasing gradually but never had vertigo.
I have B-12 defficiency
I have regular headaches
I have Migranes once in two months
I have chronic Sinusitis
My vision loss/changes  is on daily basis from the past 18 months. I have seen multiple ophthalmologist (5) to find the reason and none of them found any abonormality in the eyes and every one says my eyes are absolutely fine.
I have been checking my eyes every month but everytime its found normal.
I Had 3 MRIs everything came Normal. I have met three different Neurologists nobody found any reason.
what can cause vision loss when eyes are fine?
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