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QSART Testing?
Hi. I am really 'befuddled' at this point and need some assistance.  I had an SSEP that came back 'slightly abnormal'.  My other tests are normal, so far, including MRI, VEP, BAEP, EMG and an MRA.  Now, I have already been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (Cleveland Clinic, 1990) and RSD (Jan. 2008).  This was because I had surgery on my foot to remove a Morton's Neuroma which showed up after I broke my toe in June 2007.  My symptoms over the last 5-6 months have gotten worse.  I went from the burning and pain in my right foot to the same in my left foot (mirrored over) and the RSD is now in both feet and legs.  My Pain Mgmt. Specialist sent me to a Neuro because I started having other pain that she felt may not be related to RSD, but if he ruled out other stuff, she was considering full-body RSD, because my hands were beginning to do what my feet did.  

My symptoms are very consistent with MS.  I realize now that I have had some of these symptoms years prior, but I chalked them all up to Fibromyalgia.  I did see a Neuro a couple years ago for the electrical surges that I was having in my neck and spine, which sometimes went to my legs or arms as well.  My balance has been an issue for a couple years, but I managed until the last 4 months.  I now walk with a cane and have a wheelchair for days when I cannot stay up on my feet or feel very tired.  Other symptoms include fatigue, pain, poor balance, eye pain, blurrines or cloudiness in vision, migraines, concentration problems, memory problems, speech issues that include thinking of words but not having them come out right and stopping mid-sentence, constipation, to name a few!  

I called the Neuro's office today to get my results and a different doc in the same office looked at my chart.  Because my SSEP is only 'mildly abnormal' he/she wants me to go to another doc for a QSART test because of my chronic pain 'syndrome'.  

Can anyone tell me what this test will do for a diagnosis with all my symptoms?  I also still have the symptoms from RSD which are textbook.  I've had the nerve blocks and the PMS is sure this is what is going on with my feet and legs.  I'm really at a loss here and just feel like I'm now being pushed around to different docs.  I'm considering going to Cleveland Clinic to get to the bottom of this before I do one more thing.  

ANY help would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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