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Question about MRI findings in relation to MS
I guess I should give you a little history:
My daughter was born 5 weeks premature due to my water breaking early.  She did well growing up, but had learning disabilities and more frequent respiratory infections than her peers.  I understand that you have never seen my daughter and have only what I give you here.  However, I would really appreciate any insight or help you can give me.

My daughter was diagnosed with Chiari and Syringomyelia a few years back when she was about eighteen.She had a Posterior Fossa Decompression that resolved her syrinx and then had a Section of the Filum Terminale that resolved many of the other symptoms.  Her balance still seemed to be less than on par and she was still prone to falling.  One of her grandmothers actually asked about multiple sclerosis and we were assured that it would be revealed in an MRI, if present, and since it was not, she did not have it.

Here recently (last month or so) she has been falling much more regularly (nearly daily, sometimes multiple times within a day), having regular bouts of nausea sometimes leading to full vomiting, and her vision has again sporadically been going blurry.  These are all symptoms that she had been experiencing years ago prior to her original Chiari diagnosis when no one knew what was going on.  Additionally, she is still having an issue that waxes and wanes of it taking a long time for her to be able to start her urine stream.  So, back we went to the doctor.  Her doctor ordered an updated brain MRI.

It of course mentions post surgical changes and whatnot.  However, it also says:
"There are a few white matter punctuate signal foci noted about the parietal, frontal, and occipital lobes...This is best demonstrated on the FLAIR images.  These typically represent small vessel ischemic changes."

When she ordered the MRI our doctor had already recommended that we return for a follow-up with Tasha's neurologist; this has had to be put off for a week or so due to a bad fall resulting in a knee injury that precludes travel.  As soon as she is able to travel, we will be having the appointment, but in the meantime this report has me really freaked out.

Everything I can find on the Net relates to MS.
Would the findings on the MRI and the symptoms correlate with a diagnosis of MS?  One of her last MRIs noted PVLs which I was told was no big deal due to her prematurity, but this MRI does not mention any PVLs and does note these foci (and does not mention that they are unchanged).  Is it possible that these are the same findings noted in a different manner?  I am not sure why, given that I have done really well at not 'freaking out' over the years with Tasha's conditions, but for some reason, the idea of MS has me totally overwhelmed.

Thank you for your time, and any help and insight you can give me.
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