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Right hand small finger has curled inside and ring finger is losing gri...
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Right hand small finger has curled inside and ring finger is losing grip

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am 21 years old male, with no serious medical conditions.

Its been around a year back when i started noticing my right hand small finger slowly loosing grip and curling back in.
I went to a neuro surgeon, who tested me and prescribed me nothing other then a soft ball and some vitamins intake.
He mentioned an ulna nerve compression.

But recently, I have been noticing my small finger has totally curled inwards and cannot be straightened on its own. Although i have all the sensation in the arms, some times i do get numbness around my lower triceps.

Adding to this was that i noticed, same is condition with my ring finger as it is starting to loose grip and curling in.
I am also feeling certain numbness in my triceps.

I am also feeling as if i am loosing my full hand grip and strength of my right arm.

Recently I have also noticed shivering in my right arm, while holding some semi-heavy objects.

Kindly guide me with what medication or treatment should i go with.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
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Avatar n tn
Hi, it is ulnar nerve palsy. ”Pressure or injury to the ulnar nerve along its anatomic course may cause denervation and paralysis of the muscles supplied by that nerve. One of the most severe consequences is loss of intrinsic muscle function in the hand.
Presenting symptoms can vary from mild transient paraesthesias in the ring and small fingers to clawing of these digits and severe intrinsic muscle atrophy. The patient may report severe pain at the elbow or wrist with radiation into the hand or up into the shoulder and neck. Patients may report difficulty in opening jars or turning doorknobs.
Conservative treatment of ulnar nerve compression is most successful when paraesthesias are transient and caused by malposition of the elbow or blunt trauma. Patient education and insight are important. Resting on elbows at work, using  elbows to lift the body from bed, and resting elbows on car windows while driving all are causes of paraesthesia that can be corrected without surgical treatment. Patient education, anterior elbow extension splinting (if necessary), and correction of ergonomics at work should correct these transient palsies.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications also are useful adjuncts to relieve nerve irritation. Oral vitamin B-6 supplements may be helpful for mild symptoms. This treatment should be carried out for 6-12 weeks, depending on patient response. Surgical intervention is indicated if increasing paresthesiae occurs despite adequate conservative treatment and at the first sign of motor changes”. Taken from

Avatar n tn
SIR I am also undergoing the same trouble....
Sometimes I lose hope to recover after this...
the same is with me for both the hands....
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