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Seizures and weird episods
Hey, im 15
and I have no idea whats going on, my parents say they believe me, but they obviously think im just  over reacting,
so maybe one of you guys could help me :/
Before my first seizure i used to notice my arms and legs would sometimes tremble when i was about to sleep
I have had 2 seizures so far both a year apart but around the same time (august 17th 2010-August 11th 2011) the first one happened 8 hours after a bike accident with a friend, i dont know how i fell off and crashed the bike, and i didnt remember if i hit my head cuz it didnt hurt i just layed down on the ground closed my eyes for i dont know how long but around 10 min my friend said but i felt like sleeping and i know i didnt have a seizure because my friend was like saying i passed out which is what i told the dr.  then 8 hours later i woke up in an abulance (and i was living in italy and i didnt speak any italian so i couldnt understand a word they were saying to me, but my auntie was next to me she spoke a little bit on english)
then I had an EEG they said said they eltrical waves were abnormal, then i had an MRI and they found a cyst and thought it was from the accident so everyone was worrried. Oh and when i had the seizure i was making sounds, bitting my tongue, making noises as if i couldnt breath my eyes roled back, and stuff was coming out of my mouth. and i had ulcers ALOT all over my tongue and i couldnt eat properly for a few weeks, ever since then i would have these episodes where i would shake in my sleep alot more then usual my eyes would open so wide if something rlly bad was going to happen i would feel sick in my stomach, dizzy, and ALOT of chest pains of tightness and i would be so scared i would cry a little i would have to run turn on the lights and text mum saying i was shaking and she would come down make me tea until i felt calm and could sleep... after a few months without any episodes i had a second seizure i was at a friends house in australia and the same thing happened and it lasted for 15 min and i probs, then i went to hospital 2 months after that and had an eeg which still said i have abnormal electrical waves, but the MRI showed no changes to the cyst which was a relief... but ever since my last seizure up until now (19 may 2012) i have had around 7 episodes and then worst one ever happened 2 days ago where i was screaming (i havent screamed in one before) i couldnt walk up the stairs right i was crying so much in so much pain i thought i was about to have a seizure:/ this lasted around 10 min until all the pain just stopped suddenly weird moment :/
any help would be good :/
OH and i get headaches ALOT really bad ones, my mum gets them aswell :/ migranes once or twice every 5-6months
thankyou :/
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