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Seizures or pseudoseizures?

  I have a question regarding seizures. My EEG was said to be abnormal. There were frequent bursts  of bifrontally predominant slow and sharp forms showed up during hyperventilation, where in addition there are spike waves complexes seen in both fronatal regions. I have had EEG repaeated and have gotten the same results. My seizures are poorly ccontrolled and everytime I have a surgical procedure I go into seizures afterwards. Because of this we no longer use a general anastesia. Last time I was just sedated with versed and still had a seizure. At the time I was apparently quite combative and wouldn't let them do another EEG. Later I heard them say I have pseudo seizures. Can a person fake a seizure while sedated with versed and have no memory of it? Another Dr told me that sometimes Dr's who can't contrrol the seizures like to blame the patient. I saw a new neuro and he said my case was to ccmplicated for him to handle due to the additionnal medical problems I have so right now I am neuro-less. Do I need one or am I just crazy and making this up? I am currently on neurontin and phenobarbital. They worrk pretty good other then when I am in postop and the next 24 hours afterr the surgery. I just don't understandow seizures can be faked while sedated? Also I had a seizure that generalizedd this past summer and I fell and craked my head open and needed 8 stitches (not to mention wetting my pants!). That was for real!!! Any comments would be wellcomed. Thanks
The only way a definite diagnosis of pseudo seizures can possibly be made
is if there is simultaneous a EEG recording during the behavior, anything
else is just speculative.
Sometimes people may have odd behaviours when emerging from an anaesthetic
which may be interpreted as being similar to pseudo-seizure activity, without
an EEG at the time I would be reluctant to assign the label pseudo-seizures,
especially since the period after an anaesthetic is a classical time to develop
seizures in some one who has real epilepsy as you clearly do.
It really soumnds like you have a real seizure problem so I do not think you
should be "neuro-less ", you need to be under the care of a neurologist
ideally one with a special interest in epilepsy.

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