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Severe Neck Pain With Huge Lump On Cervical Spine?
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Severe Neck Pain With Huge Lump On Cervical Spine?

  Hi CCF Doc,  I wait for a Mri brain flow study to be scheduled for me.  I have Arnold-Chiari Malformation type 1, but mild in my doctors opinion- 6 mm. herniation.
  I have been experiencing severe neck pain along cervical spine with huge lump sticking out at the base of cervical spine. My neck is stiff where limited movement.
  I have loss of strength/sensation in my arms and neck/shoulder area.  
  I have talked to other patient from support group who have ACM/Syringomyelia.  They all tell me this could possibly be complication of ACM.  Syringomyelia causes these
  type of symptoms.  Do you know this to be true from what I describe above?
  I am worried my case is not being handled quickly enough.  If I don't recieve treatment-surgical soon that I will be paralyzed.  Not only that but my pain is getting to
  the point where I can no longer function on a daily basis.  My HMO insurance told me friday that they will consider refferring me out-service-area if needed for treatment.
  Could you reccomend a doctor who specializes in ACM/Syringomyelia among your faculty?
  Thanks, Sincerely, Anneliese
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Dear Anneliese:
Sorry to hear about your problem.  Yes, there is an association with a synrinx and ACH I.  However, you should have seen the synrinx on the cervical MRI.  The pain you describe sounds like the cape-like distribution that a synrinx might induce.  However, without examining you and seeing the films of your cerivical spine and brain it is difficult to make an absolute diagnosis.  Anyone of our neurosurgeons are qualified, Dr. Hahn is especially good in these cases.  Good luck.
CCF Neuro MD

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