Sharp pain in scalp at top of head
by amwh, Dec 09, 2012
My wife (64 yrs) has a localized area of intense pain in her scalp located about 2 1/2 inches from back from top center of head on the right side.  It is about one 1 1/2 inches right of center line at 11 o'clock back from TDC.  
The area of the pain is about the size of a silver dollar.  It is extremely sensitive to the slightest touch which aggravates the general pain.  The scalp skin is clear and normal.   She has had this condition for about a week. If she turns her head or has scalp movement the pain is more noticeable.  She has had no headaches during this time and rarely has a headache.  This is the first time she has experienced any such pain.  

Other symptoms:  She has complained about some minor local pain in right ear, right side of head and neck areas at the onset of scalp pain that went away for awhile and then returned. She has complained of painful tight and swollen muscles in her shoulder neck area which has been recently aggravated from stress and computer work.  She tends to have chronic pain from any injuries minor or otherwise such as a problem with back an sciatic nerve.
Over the years she has had a problem with her neck; if she was nervous, tense or by position she would get something like an instant electric shock in her neck.  But, she has not had that happen for several years now and assume that was from a pinched nerve in the neck area.  She has had some recent and ongoing allergy type symptoms such as sinus problems.  She does not seem to have any problems with her eyes and has no headaches involved in this question.  

Other than seeing a neurologist do you have any idea what is causing the scalp pain and what may be done about it physically or medically? . About the only diagnosis that seems to somewhat fit is some sort of occipital neuralgia.  
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by Caryopteris, Dec 09, 2012
If it seems to be in a line, it could be shingles.  She should get checked out since it seems like it could be close to her eye, and it is very serious if it gets too close to her eye.  
by ChronicPain27, Apr 24, 2013
Hi I'm 27 female with the same exact symptoms as your wife but also have a migraine did you ever find out what was causing it?