Skin Burning sensation
by hypomess, Jan 09, 2012
good morning,

For quite some time now, I have had skin burning sensations in my upper back, neck, and now left forearm. When it first began I was going through a pretty stressful moment, so I thought it had to do with stress or anxiety. this feeling came and went during the day or weeks, but it felt like a really bad sunburn.

I thought that after that period of time, which by the way, has been my most stressful time, got even depressed, it was going to go away. But I still get it once in a while, not as bad as before, but still get it. Nowadays, it is mostly on my upper back, upper arm, and forearm.

What can this be? it has me really worried now and past worries have come back. Can this be a sign of something really terrible? My skin feels hot, but I haven´t had a sunburn.

In case this info helps, I am also since several months on Benicar, meds for hypertension.

Any suggestion or opinion is very thankful.

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by Dr SharmaBlank, Jan 10, 2012
Dear Hypomess, welcome to the medhelp forum. This burning sensation over upper back, upper arm and forearm could be anxiety related. Benicar or olmesartan can cause muscle spasms and cramps as side effects. You should consult a neurologist for assessing the spine for evidence of cervical degenerative disc disease causing nerve compression. Age and post trauma related disc degeneration is common with loss of water and protein content in the cartilages, discs, and facet joints are affected, being composed of this. Gradual wear and tear leads to disc degeneration and consequent symptoms of neck pain and radiation of pain and numbness, tingling and weakness in the dermatome supplied by nerves in the neck, which may get pinched due to disc changes. This makes you more prone to cervical spine stenosis and disc herniation. Consult your neurologist for any specific advice and intervention if he deems necessary. This could be a photosensitivity causing the burning sensation if associated with sun exposure.  You are welcome with any queries further. Take care.
by hypomess, Jan 10, 2012
Thank you very much for the detailed information you just sent me. One question though, I am 33 yrs. old, can this happen to me at this age?
by hypomess, Jan 11, 2012
Thank you very much Dr. Sharma, I am 33 years old and have not had any accident or similars. At first I thought it could be anxiety related, cause when it first happened I was under a lot of stress, after a period of time it went away. These new epiodes of skin burning sensation are not as intense as the first ones, but still ahve them, and I think is spreading a bit more, cause now I feel it in my arms, and lately on my face and neck again. Two days ago I played racketball, the day after I felt my face and neck a little like the sunburn feeling, so I do not know if this is muscle realted or what could it be, I am pretty scared that it could be something serious like Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, PN, or similar. Please any advise or opinion from you. If I think about it, it feels more severe.
by Dr SharmaBlank, Jan 13, 2012
Dear Hypomess, I can understand your dilemmas. Keeping anxiety and stress as the primary triggers for these paresthesiae, I suggest that you consult a physician with the concerns of vitamin B12 deficiency since this could cause paresthesiae, fatigue, depression and many neurological and psychiatric manifestations in the patient. You might be required a serum B12 and other specific tests like methymalonic acid and homocysteine test before therapy is instituted. Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, mental illness should be then investigated. FM diagnosis depends on chronic and widespread pain, presence of pain on palpation of minimum 11/18 tender points across the body. Wish you all the best and take care.
by hypomess, Jan 17, 2012
Thank you very much for the information given, it really helps me. These past few daysi haven´t felt that sensation again, so it is  getting better. About FM, well, the only pain I´ve felt is the one I have mentioned here, no other place.  I tought also it could Peripheral Neuropathy, but according to waht I´ve read it usually begins in the feet or hands, none of those areas have been affected, so I think I can discard that. Today I went to the lab to have some tests taken, will pick them up later today.
Thank you so much for all your help, it calmed my nerves.
God bless you
by kiir, Apr 04, 2012
In the last year I have been diagnosed with SCDS (Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome), Cervical Stenosis and Crohns ... tough year!!  In the last 6 weeks I have started to have this horrible ice cold feeling in my body (this originally started in my arms) and it turns to an awful burning sensation, which has now covered my arms, face and legs.  It is maddening!  I quit taking all of my vitamins a couple of days ago, thinking maybe that I am getting too much of something that is triggering this.  I have also been taking Ativan (only a 1/4 of a pill at a time, because my system is so sensitive) which seems to really help calm the cold and burning sensations - and to help me to sleep.  I am waiting to get scheduled to see a neurosurgeon at U of M ... but in the mean time what can I do to keep from losing my mind???   Thank you, in advance, for your response!!  kiir
by ilovetoski, Jul 19, 2012
Found the problem. Well at least for me. It all started the same as others I have read about. Terrible burning sensations, thought it was shingles, looked into Lime disease had a MRI and finally found it was a food allergy. I still don’t know exactly what food but it is centered around Chocolate. When all this started I was on a health kick and started eating 10% of a dark chocolate bar a day (80% coco). After a few months of living with the symptoms I went out of the country for 2 weeks and got a lot better. When I came back and it started up again I started looking at food. Dark Chocolate is the biggest problem for me, but Ice cream and candy bars also bring the symptoms back although not as sever. Carefully watching my diet I have little to no problem an can even sneak in a bite of cake every now and then. Don’t know if this will help anybody, but if it helps even one it’s worth the post. Good luck.
by miab, Jul 27, 2012
Hi,some times i feel burning in my upper back and arms,this burning feeling last for 30-40 this is normal?plz help me
by Schmeez007, Nov 02, 2012
Hi. I have crowns disease , osteopenia and ra. Revently I get a burning sensation on neck arms and fce when I am exposed to sun. I have never ha this before but inliterally feel as if I am a vampire burning in the sun. My skin on my neck peels in the same spot describe on other web sites, lower left side of neck about one inch long like a curling iron burn. Every one it happens the burn is in the same place. What going on? Could it be hunira?