Skull Pain
by PaulaJB, Feb 29, 2008
Since I can remember, I would infrequently get these sensations in my head, painful, and the only way I can describe it is like a blood vessel has stretched and broken and hot liquid has poured out of the vessel.  It would happen upon some kind of exertion.
Now it happens more frequently and not necessarily with exertion.  There is also pain on my scalp but seems like its under the scalp on top of the skull, and the pain is worse with pressure and seems tender.  That also is infrequent but is becoming more frequent.  I am a menopausal 53 year old female.
Thanks for any help.

This discussion is related to CONTINUOUS BRUISE LIKE PAIN ON THE SKULL.
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by heartwoman, May 03, 2008
I, too, have this pain on top of skull. It is as if I have a bruise there and my skull is too small for my brain. It is constant and not headache like.I have recently had a new symptom added (if its related), soreness behind both my eyes. Its there almost constantly and aches more as my eyes move. I seem to have relief from the head pain when my husband squeezes my head. I have had this for years and seems to be very slowly engulfing my whole head. I am 36 and female. I can't hardly believe I found others with this same symptom. Please email me if you have this problem.
by luceeele, May 05, 2008
Guess what. I have it too.  I am a 58 yr old female.  This condition has been bothering me for about 2 years. I am experiencing it right now and that is why I searched the internet for possible information about it. My pain is on the top of my skull on both sides, not in the middle. Each sore area is about 4 inches in diameter. When I rub my scalp it feels pretty much like a sore bruised area, but rubbing it also seems to relieve some of the pain. When I don't rub it, the area just feels generally
tight or stressed. Of the other symptoms people here have mentioned, I would say that I also have developed some pain and pressure in my eye sockets, and also have developed some allergies over the past few years. I use health store eye drops to help with the eyes. The skull pain isn't at all times, but it is frequent.  I don't think it has any connection with migrane. It is not like a regular headache. It is under the scalp and on top of the skull.  I have not ever had an MRI but would like one.   All I can say is, I think I know how these other people feel and I think we may have something similar.
by mslv113, Aug 06, 2008
I too suffer from a topical pain on skull--a bruise-like surrounding a small bump located above my left ear. This is not a headache--it is external, on the scalp or on the skull. It started a few days ago and the bruised area seems to be expanding.  Sometimes the area feels like it is burning. I get some relief with cold compresses. It is very painful to touch and extremely tender when I brush my hair.

I am also a female in my 50's. Since the postings on this condition seem to be all women could this condition be related to hormones?  I do not take HRT or any Rx medication, only Vitamins and 81 mg aspirin on daily basis.   Not sure if this would have anything to do with my pain I am experiencing, but last week I had a diagnostic bilateral mammogram.

Any help with a suggested relief or diagnosis is appreciated.
by Karran, Sep 25, 2009
I recently saw my neurologist regarding very similar syptoms - except that I had excuciating pain as well. It was determined that I had occipital neuralgia.  It causes tenderness (buise feeling), sharp pain, pain behind the eye and burning sensations on the skull.  It is either from an inflammation or damage to the occipital nerve.  You should do a search on the internet for it.  I ended having shots of Botox into my head and the majority of the tenderness and buring sensation are gone.  I still have pain, but not nearly as bad.
by Tmaw0703, Sep 25, 2009
I too have this, mine started out a week ago. with a hot tingling all over head, neuropthy?  I was told to quit taking meds for it by neuro.  He seems to think that my brain wants the meds.  I was taking advil.  I am hoping the emg test shows up something.  I'm in limboland for diagnosis.  neuro, visit 2 days ago, so have to go through another series of test,  hopefully find out something soon.  I feel like I'm whinning all the time about aches and pains.  
by WebSearcher, Apr 14, 2010
Dear all,
I have experienced the symptoms you are all discussing on this page and various related pains. Strange dent like formation on skull, bruise like pain in the area, tingling, burning, as well as headache like pain in the skull. In fact, it started to drive me somewhat mad as I scanned the internet looking at potential disorders I might have had.

However, it was psychosomatic as the symptoms multiplied with the more attention I've payed to it. Although I'm not a medical professional, I strongly suggest that you all relax since in my case it was psychosomatic and the symptoms have declined. If I recall it to mind, they return. If I panic, they multiply, etc. But if I pay it no mind, and try to be a healthy and open minded individual they fade away. Please try to relax and not drive yourself mad over this. If you've had a medical exam, drop the issue. Don't continue to search for potential illnesses that you don't have. Doctors always try to search for diseases, etc. since it's their chief function. They don't take into account that some people are panicky in this regard and induce strange feelings in their body due to paranoia.

I wish you all the best and a peaceful mind.
by jonnywoodsfansite, Jun 01, 2012
get your c1 checked by a chiro
plz do this  
its prob caused by the c1 that can be  fixed in 3 weeks or less
but just go see a chiro cause they can fix things
by Swindy16, Nov 20, 2012
I'm having similar symptoms.  Feels like I have a big bruise on my skull and the area is growing.  Today is day 5 and the pain has extended into my facial bones.  I also have a slightly sore throat so it's been suggested I have a weird sinus infection though I don't feel a great deal of pressure.  I am a 35 yr old male that takes no medication.  Tried Advil, didn't help.  Marijuana helps but isn't a solution for while Im working or need to be able to think straight.  It does help with pain and allows me to sleep though.