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Solution for chronic ear, head pain and sinus pressure
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Solution for chronic ear, head pain and sinus pressure

*Major Problem- Eair Pain
I have severe ear pain in both ears. Ears feel like they have a lot of built up pressure, feels achy like they are going to pop, get ocassional ringing in both ears, ocassional sharp shooting shockwave pain primarly in right ear, have to put tissue in ears everyday b/c too much air getting in my ears makes it ache.  Both ears are very sensitive to high pitched sounds and loud base.  

Secondary Problems-Tension in temples and Sinus Pressure
Very tense pressure in temples on both sides of head. When rubbed can feel the spot that is tight and applied pressure on spot causes pain, ocassional sharp shooting pain in back of head (probably triggered from diary products)
Strong sinus pressure around nose and eyes.

Medication/Treatment History
Primary care physician said possible trigeminal nueralgia. Prescribed Gabapentin, Oxcarbazephine, Sumatriptan. Medications enhanced symptoms and had discomforting side effects, no longer taking these meds. Saw ENT who prescribed Amitriptyline, med only helps with going to sleep, still taking this med.  

Had MRI w/o contrast that showed no problem. Saw ENT that found no problems from looking in my ear and nose.  Over counter meds have been more successful in alleviating symptoms with no known side effects. Inflammortary pain medicine, sinus pressure and congestion medicine works the best. However have to take almost everyday to cope.  

Other Pain/Medical History
Had previous auto accidents that resulted in disc buldges on neck and spine. Frequently have neck stiffness, knots in my back that are painful when rubbed,and aches in my elboes especially when weather is rainy. Had no major surgery aside from a hammertoe surgery 6 years ago

Symptoms have been ongoing for past 2 1/2 years.  From reading my info could this be trigeminal nueralgia or atypical trigeminal nueralgia, acute sinusitis, tinnitus, TMJ? Other than MRI are there any other procedures and scans that can be done to get a better look at my sinuses and internal ear.  Can wisdom teeth cause these symptoms?  My dentist recommends I extract all 4 wisdom tooth, can these extractions cause my symptom to increase.?
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Dear LL,
Since this has been going on for over two years, I tend to think it's your cervical spine acting up, that's how come you get those muscle knots, misfiring nerves cause muscle spasms, and those neck muscles go up into the head.  Your regular doc can order a CT scan for you and give you a referral to a neurologist for treatment.  While you wait for all that, you can visit a professional Swedish massage therapist a few times a month, keeping those neck and shoulder muscle supple will help take away some of the pain in your head.  

But there are some other possibilities to discuss.  I do not think you have trigeminal ganglion problems, that set of nerves do not include the ears.  The Mayo Clinic website has a very good illustration of what parts of the head are affected by that collection of nerves.  Rather I think it is indeed possible that your wisdom teeth are causing you pain... altho more than two years is really awful.  The widsoms also could have become infected, and this infection may have settled in your sinuses and ears, which is sort of confirmed by your use of over-the-counter remedies helping the situation.

While the ENT looked in your nose and ears, he may not have seen an infectious process way up in the sinus cavities or inner ear.  But the easiest diagnostic procedure for infection in sinuses or inner ears is if he had done a culture, that might have revealed infection.  Yet if it began with the teeth, no matter what antibiotic he might have given you, the problem would return as long as the teeth are still there.  Then again, you don't necessarily have to have an infection for your whole head to hurt like hell.

Therefore, I would indeed do what your dentist recommended, get those wisdom teeth out, it's not that big of deal other than they'll be sore for a few days and you'll have wounds, but the removal will NOT make things worse, rather just the opposite.  Once they're out and any infection drains (ask your dentist to give you antibiotics, especially since you may have had ear and sinus infection, too), you shouldn't have any further head type pain, if my assumptions are correct, other than the tooth nerves will occasionally either be numb or send out a zing sensation for a few weeks.  Sometimes a dentist won't give antibiotics, so you may need to also visit your regular doc and ask for those.  

Here is a tip on is how to help infection drain with or without any medication after you get your teeth pulled:  Get some PLAIN saline spray and squirt it in your nose a couple times a day for a week, and get PLAIN saline ear drops and put a couple drops in each ear once a day for a few days and dry them out real good.  Drink plenty of extra water to wash down your throat all infection that drains from mouth and sinus and ears, and helps liver and kidneys move toxins along.  I wouldn't use decongestants during that time, tho, it dries up sinuses rather than letting them drain.

I hope something of this helps take care of you, and keep us posted, if you like.
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