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Spomdylolisthesis, Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Discs
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Spomdylolisthesis, Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Discs

I am a 42 year old white female who smokes about a pack a day.
About two years ago I began having lower back pain.
Here I am, two years later and the pain has really gotten much worse.
As of now, I am a teacher confined to a chair
Because walking more than 25 yards is horrendous.
Standing up for even five minutes brings sharp pain.
When I'm not in "crisis" pain, all I feel is a
Diffuse low back pain with additional
pain in my right butt cheek.
Additionally, about three times a week,
when I move "wrong" I get an utterly
unsettling sense of my spine jumpinbg track.

Have tried PT, this increased my pain.

My ortho ordered a lumbar MRI and I went over to his
Office immediately following said MRI, and he pulled
it up on his computer. His next words we're so haunting:
"you have spondylolisthesis, and look here...
Your disc is gone  you will need a fuision. "

I should be getting my neurosurgeon consult
any day now. Meanwhile, I picked up my MRI
report from the MRI and this is what it said:

Findings:  The lumbar vertebral body heights appear to be maintained without
evidence for acute fracture.  There is grade 1 anterior listhesis of L5 on S1.  
A subcentimeter focus of increased T1 and T2 signal within the T12 vertebral
bodies may represent focal fat or perhaps a hemangioma.  Moderate intervertebral
disc space narrowing is noted at L5\S1.  Degenerative endplate changes are also
seen involving L5 and S1.  Anterior endplate spondylosis is demonstrated at L3
and L4.
L1\L2:   No significant central canal or neuroforaminal stenosis is identified.
L2/L3:  No significant central canal or neuroforaminal stenosis is identified.
L3/L4:  No significant central canal is appreciated.  There are mild
degenerative facet changes with mild bilateral neurooraminal stenosis.
L4/L5:  Broad-based posterior disc bulge with bilateral facet arthopathy
resulting in mild central canal and mild bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis.
L5/S1:  Broad-based posterior disc bulge with bilateral facet arthopathy
resulting in mild moderate central canal and moderate bilateral neuroforaminal

I feel my ortho was incredibly hasty withh
hasty in turfing me off to the surgeon.

What to you think?

Input appreciated...I know we aren't doctors
Here to diagnose, but any anecdotal
experiences you may have are so
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Hello yes the spondylothesis besides the pain can cause permanent damage to your spinal cord nerve roots and you should have the surgery done as soon as you possibly can to realign the vertebra so that no permanent damage may for the surgery i would recommend that you ask about a welll good known orthopedic surgeon whom can do spinal surgeries in this case or a neurosurgeon, but ask before you choose who is to operate on , in less than a month all the pain will subside and any damage to your spinal cord will be gone ......all the best
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