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Spot Headaches

  I am experienceing a headache which is at a spot for a few minutes
  and then disappears. Subsequent headaches will not necessarily come
  back to the identical spot. Location is mostly at top of head. The
  headaches are mostly on the right side of my brain. I'm mid-sixties.
  What is the name for this type of headache? And what is a suggested
  course of action to find out further info?
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There is no name for the symptom you describe, it does not fit into any
typical headache syndrome and does not immediately suggest any specific
The fact that the symptom is fleeting and variable in nature suggests that
it is not related to any serious disease process within the brain.
One possibility is that this may represent an atypical presentation of
cranial arteritis.
This condition presents with headaches and tenderness over the scalp and is
suggested by an elevated sedimentation rate on blood testing.
The condition is associated with an increased risk of stroke but is easily
treated with steroids.
I suggest that you consult with your primary care physician to have a
sedimentation rate checked to outrule this possibility.

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