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Strange neurological symptoms after single episode of heavy marijuana exposure - feel like my nervous system is rotting.

17 year old male
no history of major health problems
not a drug/alcohol user since initial incident
on no medication
smoked marijuana uncommonly(approx once a month before initial episode)


About 3 months ago I smoked 1.5 grams of high quality "kush" cannabis in a vehicle with 3 other people for an hour and a half, the smoke was contained inside the car as the windows were closed. The car was parked. I was feeling dizzy so i opened the door nearest me, i suspect this caused me to inadvertently be exposed to more smoke as it rushed out. I continued to remain inside the car until i started to have audio hallucinations of laughter, i became delirious and rushed out of the car. I felt very anxious, my throught was dry, i lost all depth perception, i felt like i was shrinking physically(i felt my hands/neck shrunk) , and i started to have visual hallucinations of people around me shifting shapes. I then felt a burning drip like feeling in the frontal part of my brain. I hallucinated for several hours after i left the car. I was fine the next day.

- i do not believe what i smoked was anything other than marijuana because it was shared among 3 others, and there were no reasons for malice. Furthermore, second hand smoke was shared among us all. all three others experienced normal highs.

- after this episode, i had no noticeable problems until the next episode.


Two weeks later i was in the presence of people smoking marijuana when i again received the burning drip feeling in my brain. I felt derealized and out of it for the next hour or so, i am unsure of if i hallucinated or not.

- again no noticeable symptoms until next episode.
- did not ever drink, smoke, or be in the presence of such substances ever again.


about another 2-3 weeks later i was awoken in bed with similar burning symptoms (front of brain), i had an anxiety attack and called the ambulance. at the hospital i was told to "take an Advil" because they assumed i was having regular headaches.


while working out half my body went limp. i thought i had a stroke, turned out this could be a symptom of acephalgic migraines.


- after the third episode for the last 6 weeks i have been having, burning, tingling, and numbness in my brain. Tingling in my arms and legs. And i am afraid my hearing and eyesight are failing, i have developed a constant "aura" of light wherever i look. Yesterday i found out i need glasses, my eyesight has deteriorated very quickly, i was able to notice the change in days. I suspect my hearing is weakened too.

-I think i MAY have trouble remembering things but i am not sure. I feel like my thoughts are less lucid,my grades in school have dropped from A's to C's.

- i have seen several doctors and have finally gotten an MRI of my brain,  it came out normal and  ruled out multiple sclerosis and brain tumors.

- one doctor suggested acephalgic migraines, but besides that most others are completely puzzled or dont care. I dont think they are acephalgic migraines because my "auras" are constant 24/7.

-The tingling happens several times a a day at the front of my brain or up my neck travelling to the back of my brain. The tingling feels like when your leg falls asleep, and lasts for about 30 seconds when it happens.

- i have tension headaches frequently now.

- the burning drip has not returned for now.

* I am going to see a neurologist but i have to wait for 6 weeks, i feel like its worsening and any doctor will just say to wait for the neuro"

any suggestions of what it is?

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Going to a neurologist is a good idea, perhaps a psychiatrist as well. Psychiatrists are also neurologists and may be better able to help you get to the core of the problem.  
In either case, a 'bad trip' so to speak has impacted you in a meaningful way and It's just great that you are taking command and doing what you can to seek the solution.
marijuano impacts people differently. Everyone's ability to deal with what may have been chemically treated weed is different.  You are apparently more effected by it and are way ahead of the game by realizing it now.
Call the neurologist and tell them you need help NOW and see what happens.
Otherwise get a referral to a Psychiatrist who can see you ASAP.
Let us know how you make out and good luck!
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Update: i have just discovered my right eye vision is doubled vertically, and my left eye vision is blurred. seeing an optometrist today.
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Dear Aerty,
Son, I am almost positive that it was the pot.  See, depends on how many tokes you got, and if was laced, well, you got enough of the hallucinogenic in you to jump out of the car and see shadows come alive, whereas the others just took it as another kind of weed.  I smoked a lot of pot back in the early 1970s, and all of it was different.  If you smoke too much, like instead of taking one toke you take five tokes, you'll react entirely differently than the guy next to you who just took a couple tokes.  Some people get drunk just one time and they never drink again.  These things happen, and happens to a lot more marijuana users than will admit it.

What you got now is, you are basically allergic to marijuana, is how to look at it.  You obviously cannot smoke it no more or you'll get another "trip."  So, what you're left with is some anxiety from an incident that tapped into your fear, and fear is really hard to deal with.  But it helps to know where the fear came from, which you do, and also next time you feel that wierdness, take some really deep breaths, it'll slow your heart down and thus your fear.

I think on top of everything else, you got migraines now, and you may not be sleeping well as a result.  A short-term prescription of sleeping pills might help you get through this, and some migraine medicine for when your head bothers you will also help.  And as the other poster said, perhaps a few talks with a psychologist at the county health department (it's free, you can go as a walk-in) will help you get in control of your anxiety over the whole thing.  Remember, your scan came up okay, so you're not brain damaged.  You just had a different reaction to smoking some weed, and you're in good company on that one.
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I would actually go to a chiropractor and get a scan of your spine. I have this same issues, and it is because one of the discs in my neck is rotated out of place and is pinching my spinal cord, which prevents proper blood flow to the brain (and that can definitely cause all of the problems you said). If this is true, it could mean that when you smoked the pot, your brain was unable to balance the THC properly, leading to those extreme and unpleasant hallucinatory reactions.
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its called trauma, the powerful experience of the illusion of the mind was too strong for you, it may have probably brought images to life that brought your defenses up against the world and is just making you shut down.the mind is very powerful,beyond the seeing if you feed the mind something enough it will picture it that way.
voluntary sign up for a 48 hours watch should be the best for you, that way the doctors can really examine you.
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Was it a glass bong/pipe or was there an aluminum bowl or pipe?  Did you use a regular lighter or a "blue flame" butane lighter?  It could be heavy metal Aluminum poisoning for which there are no test.  You can ask your doctor about oral or IV chelation therapy which may help.  If yes, it is a long, long road to recovery.  Also realize that the fertilizers used to grow weed contain all kinds of contaminants that can cause neurological disorders.  Some people should not smoke weed on a genetic level (MTHFR, SOD, etc.)
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