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Swollen knee and pain
Dear Medhelp,

I had a car accident way back on 8th March. Was diagnosed after MRI of right knee to be having Contusion injury type 1 involving Patella alongwith adjoining superficial soft tissue oedema, Moderate haemothrosis and Degenerative tear Grade 2 involving posterior horn of medial meniscus. Was on bed with right leg plaster casted for three weeks . After this am doing regular Physical therapy and ice compress 15 minutes thrice a day .
The pain is slowly reducing on the leg have started walking normally without crutches but am not completely painfree and swelling free and am not yet allowed to climb stairs.
I still have swelling on the left side of the right knee which I presume is the medial side .
My question to this community is :
a) When and how soon will the swelling and pain end ?
b) When will I be able to start all my normal activities including gymming.
Thank you for the assistance .
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