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Swollen optic nerves but normal spinal tap
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Swollen optic nerves but normal spinal tap

Help!  A few months ago my ophthalmologist said that he detected a slight swelling in my optic nerves.  He sent me to a neuro-ophthalmologist who confirmed that both nerves were swollen (especially the left one),  and sent me for a barrage of tests.  I had a B-scan (not really conclusive), MRI (came back clean) and a lumbar puncture (opening pressure and all test were ok).  After all of these tests came back clean the neuro-ophthal said he could not do anything for me and I should go back to my GP.  I should be happy about this, but my symptoms have not gone away:

-Still severe headaches behind the left eye 1-2 /week
-Having bouts of dizziness- head seems congested when this happens
-Occasionally see flash of "ring" in my left eye- looks like flash that happens after you rub your eyes
-Both eyes sensitive to light, but left eye even more-so
-According to my neuro-ophthalmologist I also have a slightly crossed eye.

I do plan to head back to my GP, but I am worried that this is something more serious that might have been missed.
Is there a possibility that these tests could have missed something?
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Hi there.  You have papilledema or swollen optic discs, which is a sign of elevated intracranial pressure and is usually bilateral. Causes include brain tumor or abscess, cerebral hemorrhage, meningitis, idiopathic intracranial hypertension or pseudotumor cerebri. Vision is usually not affected to begin with but soon blurred or double vision occurs. The accompanying dizziness, and severe headaches should be investigated and checked for multiple sclerosis also. An evoked potential testing should be undertaken. The above causes should be checked up. Take care.

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Hi ktc. You would often wonder , how any of us get better with drs like this around!

I am so sorry to hear that you are being put the wringer with what ever is wrong with you, and there is something wrong, as you have already figured out yourself.

You do not get Papilledema for no reason, there must be a cause. How dare these drs just swap you back and forth , with no one really paying attention.

I would suggest, that it does sound like PTC or IIH as it is now know.Going on the fact that you have paps and all your other symptoms.
You need to have another spinal tap done I afraid as the last one could, be because of your positioning, the time of the day when they did it, and may be, incompetence of the drs part. Not every one is good at doing them, and some of the csf could have fallen on the bed,if not done correctly.

I have IIH and if I can give you some help, just ask. But please go back to the neuro. Your sight is in danger if the problem is not addressed. Ok?   Cath278.
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