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TIAs at rear of brain

      Re: TIAs at rear of brain

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Posted by CCF neuro MD on January 21, 1998 at 11:45:09:

In Reply to: TIAs at rear of brain posted by Eugene Daoust on January 21, 1998 at 10:16:37:

: I am a 73 year old male.  My symptoms are sudden dizziness, double vision and partial loss of vision in both eyes.  The symptoms last from about 30 seconds to 20 minutes.
  My blood pressure usually measures 120 over 70.  I weigh 146 pounds, never have smoked and have 2 alcohol drinks a week.
  A neurologist diagnosed me as having a series of TIAs.  I have had an MRI and no tumor was detected.  I was put on 2 aspirins a day but the symptoms continued after a couple of months.  I am now taking 2 TICLIDs a day (250mg) since May 1997 and have not had any further problems.  I am also taking MEVACOR and ZANTAC.  My cholesteral is 220 but the HDL is 74.
  My neurologist told me that the blood clots are forming in an artery in the back of the neck and the clots are entering the rear of the brain.  Further test of the artery are too risky and surgery is not possible because of the location of the blockage.
  Are any procedures being performed at the Clinic to elimate my blockage.
Your neurologist is referring to either the vertebral arteries or basilar artery
artery which runs up the back of the neck ( vertebral ) and the back of the
brainstem.  If these are occluded by atherosclerosis they can give rise to
strokes in the brainstem , causing the sympyoms you describe.
There are a few options still open however, the vessels can be imaged by MRA (a
variant of the MRI scan ), by transcranial doppler ultrasound or by angiography.
The Cleveland Clinic is one of the few centers in the country which
performs invasive procedures (like angioplasty )in this area.
If you want to explore this option you would need to be assesed
initially at our stroke center to assess your suitability for intervention
The number for appointments is (216) 444 5559, as for an appointment with
Dr Furlan, Sila or Hinchey.You should bring all your old films
Good luck with your evaluation

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