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TKR / numb foot
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TKR / numb foot

14 weeks ago I had a Total knee revision. When I woke up from surgery my foot was numb. Doctor said not to worry it would go away. Still having problem and when I put weight on the leg it gets worse. I can't even wear a shoe on the foot, it is so sensitive. Finally had an EMG/Nerve Test. Here are the results.

52 y/o female ~12 weeks s/p left TKA revision referred for evaluation of left foot numbness. The numbness has resolved and now she has more a buring/pins and needles type pain in the bottom of the foot. There is a pressure around the foot and ankle. There is also some hyesthesia in the left distal posterior calf. There is some associated weakness in the foot. No history of diabetes thyroid dysfunction or rheumatologic disease.

Low amplitude with normal latency in the left peroneal motor nerve conduction study.
Borderline low amplitude with normal latency in the left tibial motor nerve conduction study.
Low amplitude wit normal latency in the left sural sensory nerve conduction study.
No response in the left superficial peroneal sensory nerve conduction study.
Normal right sural and superficial peroneal sensory nerve conduction studies.
Needle EMG findings in the left lower limb as in the chart below.

ELECTRODIAGNOSTIC IMPRESSION: Abnormal study. Today’s electrodiagnostic evaluation is consistent with the following:
Incomplete axonal sciatic neuropathy affecting both peroneal and tibial divisions located somewhere between the branch points to the short and long heads of the biceps femoris.
All EMG findings in affected muscles are acute and would fit the time frame of the onset of her clinical symptoms

Has anyone ever had this problem before. I have had many knee surgeries on this leg and never had a problem. I have finally been referred to a neurologist, by my regular doctor. The knee surgeon just keep saying to be patient.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you
Avatar dr f tn
Hello and hope you are doing well.

As per the study, there are problems with nerves, both peroneal and tibial divisions of the sciatic nerve. It could have been a consequence to the surgery. As the total inflammation and swelling subside, there could be some recovery. Medications for the nerves to heal and physiotherapy may help.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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