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Therapy after ACDF
Here's an interesting question. I recently had a ACDF on c5 to c7 and 2 months after was sent to PT. M y question is simply, what kind of therapy would be involved in recuperation of this type of procedure being done?

My PT involved a hand row machine(bicycle type for the hands),
arm traction(left arm pulling right arm up and vice versa) ,
walking on treadmill,
therapy band stretching with hands(from front and back),
weight machine with 20 pounds above head, at shoulder height, and at foot level, putting cloth pins on a wire above head and removing them,
bouncing on exercise ball, leg lifts on exercise ball,
arm punch with 3 pound weight laying down,
and electric shock on upper back and lower back.

All of my therapy was done in a main room where others were doing their therapy at the same time, and mostly just 1 therapy instructor for the group. I learned my routine very fast, so I usually did them without supervision. The therapist was working on others while I did my routine, and occasionally looked over at me during this time. Is this a common practice. I know I paid to have a therapy session for 1 hour, 3 times a week, but the therapist wqas working with others during my time.

I feel like this was simply a muscle building therapy, not a cervical therapy. No traction as I have heard of, was ever used, or anything like that, and at no time was my neck and cervical spine concentrated on completely.

At the end of my 12 sessions, I was tested for grip strength only, not motion of neck movement.
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