Tingling, burning, fasciculations
by Cindy, Jan 15, 2000
Hello, I'm wondering if you could help with the following situation:
At three weeks post partum I began to experience tingling in my fingertips and toes which later spread to my feet and hands. My feet also felt cold. I had a small area of heat type sensation on my leg.  Then, little electric shock sensations began in arms, legs, hands and feet.  After a week of this I began experiencing burning sensations in my feet, legs, hands, arms and back.  My clothing felt like sandpaper on my body.  I also began twitching at first in my calf and then all over including the face. The neurologist said the neuro exam was normal as far as testing reflexes etc.  Blood work was normal.  MRI of the brain was normal.  He said nerve tests would most likley reveal nothing. He said I had peripheral neuropathy and that it should resolve in  six to eight weeks.  I was also under alot of stress and he said it was also due to stress.  He gave me some Imipramine in low dose to help with the pain.  Imipramine helped right away but I began to have ringing in my ears so I stopped it right away.  All my symptoms have resolved except for a burning spot on my leg and twitching all over my body.  The ringing in the ears has not gone away even after stopping the medication.  Could the twitching be benign?  Could the twitching/vibrating in my face be related to the tinnitus?  ENT exam revealed mild high frequency hearing loss in the left ear.  The neurologist also said the fasciculations would also go away on their own, but they just seem to get worse.  The neurologist really emphasized that this was mainly stress related.  He said I have some type of hypersensitivity going on?
Any help you could offer would be appreciated.  I also had a slight cold a week before all this began.
by CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS, Jan 15, 2000
Dear Cindy:

Congradulations on the baby, I hope he/she is doing fine.  What your describing can be a completely benign condition.  The normal lab work, the normal MRI, the normal neurological exam would indicate that what you have is benign.  The viral illness before this all started, with you likely being really tired and fatigued from the new baby would also fit with a benign condition.  I would agree with your neurologist and what your experiencing should go away on its own.  You are likely experiencing a post-viral effect.  It may take some time for all the symptoms to resolve, try and be patient.  Those who have benign fasciculations can attest that the battle is psychological.  These things can drive you nuts, as can the ringing in the ears.


CCF Neuro MD
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by James Murphy, Jan 15, 2000
I believe your name was Nancy? I have been experencing
the same symptoms that your are. I started this whole process
with my PCP he then refered me to Back doctor. I had a back
problem that pestered me for a couple of years, I was relating the numbness and tingling in my hands and feet to this. I was then referred to a neurologist. The bone doctor said I could possible have LGS or MS. This was obvisouly a blow to what I had planned for my families future. I, at the time this all started, was working 60 hours a week. The fatigue level and numbness was not going away at all in fact the more hours I worked the worse everything got. I changed jobs against my wishes, but if I had not I would have ended up hurt really bad. I work on air conditioning equipment on commerical buildings so when you are multiple stories up, disey and numb feet are not a good combination. I have been to several neurologist and about 70 or so blood test later everything has come back normal. This all started Mach of 99. I currently can not get going at all. If I work a long day 10 hours or so it will take me 2 days to recover from that. I am taking neurontin 300mg 2 times a day and without this I would be out of work and in big trouble. I went through a spell of extreme nosghia and dissyness the neurontin has kept this under control very well. If I stand on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time it feels like pins are sticking in my feet. I am or just did turn 30 years old and was very healthy and stout. This has 100 percent change alot of things. Reading your comments has helped me alittle because maybe I am bringing this on myself. Good luck to you and Email me if someone comes up with solutions to these problems. ***@****

by Cindy, Jan 16, 2000
Dear Dr:
Thank you for your prompt response.  I'm wondering if you thing the ringing in the ears is related(viral) to this issue and do you think it will also resolve on it's own because at this point that is my main problem.  My ears have been rining for two weeks.
Could the facial fasciculations have any relationt to the tinnitus, ie:  any muscles or ligaments in the ear twitching?
Thank you
by To Cindy/From Maureen, Jan 16, 2000
Hi Cindy.  I don't know if we've ever talked or not.  Wow are our stories also similar.  My symptoms are a lot like yours and began when I was under incredible stress with my three children 5 and under.  I also felt "viral" preceeding my neuromuscular "outbreak."  I had other symptoms you have not had such as visual disturbances and mouth sores.  Four years later they are 80% better.  The neuromuscular symptoms are slow to catch up to that level of improvement.  I also twitch, burn and experience parasthesias.  My cramps are mostly gone.  I have heard many other twitchers speak of the tinnitus and I think it is nerve-damage myself.  A lot of people say it hypes up when the twitching does.  E-mail me if you want to chat confidentially.  ***@****
by CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS, Jan 20, 2000
Dear Cindy:

No, fasciculations would not cause ringing in the ears.


CCF Neuro MD
by MaureenMcL, Jan 22, 2000
It would be interesting to see what this says:

                 GILBERT GJ
                 DIS NERV SYST 1965 APR;26:233-5
                 MUSCLE CONTRACTION
                 PHYSICAL THERAPY
by Cindy F, Jan 24, 2000
I am a 35 year old female.  After the birth of my 4th child (10/99), I started having pain, swelling and stiffness in my spine.  I also have burning, tingling and some numbness in my left shoulder (shoulder blade area), as well as in my left breast.  I have also experienced pain in my umbilicus area due to a small hernia.  Also constipation and cramping I'm assuming as a result of that.  I have been checked for lupus and arthritis, as well as hypothyrodism.  The only test that has come back questionable is my blood sugar.  It was very low (71) in the late afternoon. (no fasting).  The only trauma I can think of was during my labor, my epidural was extremely painful.  The pain was not upon injection, but in another area.  It was as if a nerve approximately 3 or 4 inches higher (left side of my spine) was being severed.  I should have had the anest. stop, but was delivering a 10lb baby and after weighing the situation, the epidural pain seemed mild to delivering this child with no medication!  Of course, I didn't know I would have such difficulties afterwards.  Could this pain be a breast tumor? or just nerve damage.  I've also read about epidural abcesses??? I am breast feeding and wondering if that could cause some of the heaviness and pain affecting the nerves.  Wouldn't if affect both sides of my back?  I had a 6 week post-partum exam with no complications.  Sorry to ramble - THANKS for any help.
by Amanda A, Jan 24, 2000
My Dad is 70 years old.  He has been experiencing pain for almost 3 years now and no doctor or medication has been able to help him.  In the course of this time he has had an MRI, complete blood work, he has been seen by dermatologists, allergists a chiropractor, neurologist and psychiatrist.  All of these doctors have found nothing wrong. They claim that he is aging and people get pain when they get old.  My Dad has the following symptoms:
A tingling sensation under his skin, clothes hurt to the touch.
He claims that it feels like there are bubbles under his skin.
He is in pain and can hardly moves sometimes.  The pain never
goes away.
Sometimes he has episodes where he shakes all over and we think
that the stress he is under is causing anxiety attacks.

The last three years have been very difficult not only for my Dad but for my Mom, my husband and myself.  My father is a very calm, loving and easy going guy.  My parents are still very much in love with each other and do not have any problems.
We have tried Neurontin and it has made him sick.    
They even put him on Zoloft and that made him sick too.

Please be advised that the Neurologist my father saw recommended him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist did not find any signs of issues or anything mentally wrong. They gave him Zoloft to control any anxiety attacks.

I need help for my Dad.  His general practitioner is out of answers and I am not giving up.  Any help offered is deeply appreciated.

by Cindy, Jan 29, 2000
To the doctor:  Since my original post, my symptoms have returned.  I was 90% recovered for three weeks and now I have burning, tingling and twitching again.  The twitching never really went away, but subsided alot.  Now the twitching has picked up and my feet, legs, hands are burning with a gritty feeling to them.  If this is post viral illness, is it common to come and go or will it get worse?  I can't believe how good I was feeling and now it started up again.  I should mention that I have been very sleep deprived for a very long time due to pregnancy and now a new baby.  Can all this  really be anxiety related and if so, how is it treated.  Also, is peripheral neuropathy something that comes and goes or does it get worse.  My neurologist basically doesn't have any other answers.  Should I seek a second opinion?
Thank you for any help you can offer.