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Tingling, burning feeling in the leg with peroneal nerve thickening
I had hansens (leprosy) 11 yrs before, 1999, ( 2 patch and 1 nerve in foot and leg).
I have taken MDT drugs for 6 months and i was completely cured.
patches disappeared and nerve recovered. However in the patch
some loss of sensation remained and in other areas sensation partially recovered.

This is the only past medical history involving legs.

Now,Oct 2011, suddently i am feeling tingling, numbness and burning sensation on sole of my
feet right below big toe ( i had previous patch on top of big toe). This buring sensation area is
increasing and now i have almost half of my feet (lengthwise). Occasionally one or two nerves are paining.
I have some muscle weakness also.
I am not able to walk for more than 100-200 Meters.

I have undergone complete medical check up..
Medical test revealed I am not diabetic, no thyroid deficiency, no B12 deficiency. complete blood count are normal.
I have also taken nerve conduction study and they are normal.
I dont have any new patch, but in the last 10 days i could feel nerve thickening (peroneal nerve) and some pain.

I am having this symptom for the last 6 months and have consulted 5-6 doctors.
Still not diagnosed the cause. I am worried and undergoing extreme trauma.

Please help.

Appreciate your comments.
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