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Tingling, numbness and twitching on top of the head (plus other stuff)
Hello everyone,

I have had some weird symptoms in the past month or so, and I was wondering if I should be worried about it?

For the first part of April, I had really weird dizzy spells. It wasn't enough to cause nausea, but it was enough to keep me from being active. I went to the ENT, and I had a balance test (VNG) done, and he said that "the vertigo was NOT coming from my inner ear."

So last Friday, I started developing twitching all over my body. It started in my feet/legs and moved to my hands, arms, stomach, chest, face and on the top of my head. I have had episodes of "cramping" where my neck would get REALLY tight and burn, then go numb. I have also had similar episodes in my hands, where I have had a painful spasm, and then my numb would go numb.

THE MOST WORRYING SYMPTOM though is on my head. I have had strange tingling sensations on the top right-side of my head, as well as numbness. I have also had some localized head pain on the top right-side of my head. I have had the numbness spread throughout the back side of my head, as well as on part of my face.

I am currently seeing a neurologist, and he has ordered a EMG. A GP has also ordered a neck and head MRI for Monday. Is there anything else I should be looking in to at the moment?

Here are some of the previous tests I have had done:
1. Head CT (no dye) - clean
2. Sinus CT (no dye) - clean
3. Blood work - mostly normal. I have a low vitamin D deficiency, which is normal. No thyroid problems.
4. Inner ear balance test (VNG) - normal

Upcoming tests:
1. Electromyography (EMG)
2. MRI
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