Tingling and Pain on Right Side of Body
by thester6474, May 11, 2007
Hi, my name is Tiffany, I am 24 years old. In January, the first week of January, I began having problems with my right side. I would go through periods of tingling, pins and needles as well as numbess from my arm down to my toes. With my general dislike of needles and doctor's I waited until February 26th to go to my General Practitioner, after having two months of symptoms.  During my appointment my doctor asked me to get into a gown, and then he began to stick me with two objects (one sharp and one dull). During this test, my doctor stuck me from head to toe in hopes that I would be able to distinguish between the alternating sticks( a few sharp and a few dull). On my right side my doctor said I was wrong with each of his sticks (30 to 40 sticks). He then asked me if I had any family member with Multiple Sclerosis of Lupus. He referred me to a Neurologist, and after having 2 MRIs w/ and w/o contrast, 1 EEG, labwork and an EMG/NCV my results came back normal. I was told that my B-12 was extremely low, 214. As a result, he prescribed weekly B-12 injections for the first four weeks and one every two months thereafter. He also prescribed Pamelor as a means for headache prevention. I began having problems again with my side Sunday, severe pains as well as numbness on my right side. I notice with each onset the symptoms seem to worsen. I called my Neurologist and he wanted me to immediately come to his office for a check-up. Now my neurologists has decided to perform a CT Scan of my chest w/ and w/o contrast, in hopes of insuring it is not LUNG CANCER?    He also prescribed a Medrol Dospak, and Vicoprofen every 6 hours as needed for pain. Is it possible to rule out Multiple Sclerosis as quickly as he did? My MRIs were two months after onset, and not even a month apart. Is it possible that Lung Cancer could cause the problems that I am experiencing?  I don't smoke, but my mother and father have all my life. I am so worried, I just don't know how much more I can take.
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by rainsummer, May 11, 2007
Have you had a cervical MRI? ( NECK)?...I have read MS legions can be in the cervical spine...I would ask for MRI's of your neck ,back...areas. .

by thester6474, May 14, 2007
Yes I have, not even a month after my first MRI.  I have read on several forums, that MS can be difficult to diagnose, especially since no two cases are exactly alike.  I though that pre-diagnosis was horrible, that is until I saw lung cancer as a pre-diagnosis from my Neurologist.  I am considering going to Savannah to start seeing a group of Neurologists.  Do not get me wrong, I think the Neurologist I have been seeing was not all that bad.  But when his nurse came up with a sheet of paper from him, saying that I possibly had Lung Cancer really bothered me.  Especially since he had mentioned nothing of the kind during our visits.