Tingling in back of head and fogginess
by tfisherfive, Aug 30, 2002
I have been experiencing a tingling sensation in the back of my head, almost numbing.  Also my head is very foggy.  I've had tightness and pains in my chest and shortness of breath.  I take synthoid for hypothyroidism,  My TSH results are normal.  As are my electrolytes.  I feel nervous, anxious and dizzy most of the time.  I'm trying to get in to see a endocrinologist, but have to wait another month.  Any idea what could be the matter?  Could it be a hormone imbalance, other than thyroid related?
I'd appreciate any thoughts.

by CCF-Neuro-M.D.-JT, Aug 31, 2002
The symptoms don't appear to be specific to one particular disease, which means tthey could represent just about anything from heart disease to atypical migraines to panic or anxiety attacks. Glad your labs look ok. Wonder if it could be a side effect of the synthroid. Start with a physical exam by an internist just to make sure everything is ok. Then further studies can be done such as an EKG for closer evaluation. GOod luck.
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by saragt, Aug 30, 2002
Hey, I don't have any of the other symptoms, but I also experience a tingly sensation in the back of my head. I also hear like a gurgling/sizzling noise, do you? I only hear it when I have been lying down for awhile, and have had an MRI, MRA, and spinal tap all come back normal, but it really sounds like someone sucking fluid through a straw in the back of my head. It's scary and frustrating that noone can figure out what's going on. Anything similar to that?

by timclark, Sep 03, 2002

I have some of the same symptoms.  For four years I have had constant ringing in the ears, constant brain fog/dizziness.  I have costant tingling/Vibrating in both feet, certain spots in  head, neck and legs have pins and needles.  I have sore muscles all the time and a lot of muscle twinges and jerks.  It tends to be worse at night.  Sometimes I have tingling from head to foot.  Sometimes my muscles go weak and they were so weak I couldn't even shave.  I had a EMG at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston Florida and I go back next month for the results.
by cola, Sep 06, 2002
I also have had this problem for the past 3+ years. I have gone to an ENT which said it was a virus and may never go away. I have gone to an Orthopedic surgeon who thought I might have inner ear disease so he did xrays, MRIs, blood tests, etc., and found nothing. He said to go to a Neurologist. I personally feel this is somehow related to my spine or neck because this originally started after I had painted my living/dining room. I woke up a few days later & felt like the room (or me) was spinning out of control, I was nauseous and had to go to the emergency room. Little by little the dizziness went away and after about 4 months, the tingling in the back of my head seemed to go away but I was left with the foggy, confused sensation,  headaches, no energy, a burning sensation on the back of my neck/head and a tingling/painful feeling in my tongue. I wonder if I had damaged something my neck/spine from all the movements of my arm while painting. To this day, I get dizzy when I tilt my head down or up. I feel pressure in my neck/head area, get dizzy and have to hold on to something to keep from falling down. As time goes on, the list of strange symptoms grows. Most times I feel like a dark veil is covering my eyes and makes me want to close them. This is no way to live. Any ideas?
by timclark, Sep 06, 2002
Sometimes this stuff is a real pain!  Sometimes I will wake up at night and have bad tingling in my head clear down to my feet.  I wonder why so many people have these type of symptoms and so many people don't have answers?  I get a lot of the same thing from Doctors like " your to young, maybe your under stress"

My bad dizziness hits me at any time anywhere.  I could be shopping, sitting at home, eating supper, driving, taking a shower!  I was in line for a kiddie ride at Disney with my daughter and BAM! My whold body feels like a short circuit and my muscles and joints get sore and weak!

I don't have a clue and the Docs don't either!

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by christiedd, Oct 11, 2002
I cant believe someone else has that feeling i have a gurgling sound in the back of my neck quite often and how you described it as a straw sucking through the neck is perfect it scares me sometimes i dont have it for a while then it feels its there for days my doc looks at me like im nuts Anyone else get this???
by beebee601, Jan 27, 2009
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