Tingly Scalp and Headache
by EricaDD, May 26, 2007
I'm hoping someone could help me shed some light on what may be happening. First things first, I'm a 28 year old female with seizure disorder. I had my first seizure (and only) a couple of years ago. It turned out that I have a spot of abnormal brain matter that could have never affected me but lucky me, it did. Also, I have a tendency to have pain attacks.

Getting back to the matter at hand...

A couple of months ago, I was experiencing headaches every morning, dizziness and sinus pressure behind my eyes. Pretty much, out of my bodysensations as well.I went to urgent care and foind out it was a sinus infection. I've only recently started having problems with the sinuses, so it was all new to me.

Fast forward to today, I'm feeling the same as i did back then plus a tingly scalp and my head feels like it's full of lead. Also, my legs are feeling jelly like and the back of my nech feels tight. I don't know if it's my sinuses again plus anxiety or something else.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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by Quixotic1, May 27, 2007
How was the Dx of sinus infection made?  Did you have purulent (with pus) drainage, fever, severe congestion?  Or did you just have pain over the face?  Did you have a cold?  What was the evidence that there was an infection?  It is often way overdiagnosed.

Did you wake up with the headaches?  Were they always at the same time?  What was the pain like?  How long do the headaches last and do they happen again during the day?  Any relationship to your cycle?  What part of your head is tingly.  Where does it feel heavy?

Do you or your family have a history of migraine headaches?  I'm suspicious that your problem is with migraine headaches which are often felt with pain over the sinuses and side of the head.  Dizzines is also common as is the odd, "out of body" sensation.

In all, I don't have a good sense for overall what you're feeling.  The tingly scalp, jelly legs and tightness in the neck sound like tension/anxiety which is not unexpected if you are having a lot of headaches.

Hoping to hear your answers, Quix
by EricaDD, May 29, 2007
I did have a sinus infection a few months back. I went to an urgent care center and that's what they came up with. I had a lot of post nasal drip.

My mom does have a problem with migrains. So, it could stem from there. I'm going to make an appointment to get a check up and hopefully, i can get an mri or a cat scan. More or less, I need to put my mind at ease.

I didn't start having panic attacks until after i had my first seizure. I believe since I wasn't aware of what happened, I started to think I was going to have another one at any minute. I was on Lexapro but weaned myself off of it.

I aprecciate your response and post more after my appointment.

Thanks again!
by sam144, Jan 09, 2008
So weird, I was sitting on the couch worrrying because I too have a tingly scalp and my head feels I guess like it's filled with lead, kind of like there is pressure in my head against my scull.  I don't feel weak in the neck or legs though.  I had a panic attack a few months back and was just perscribed  Lexapro and have been taking it for the last 4 days and was wondering if that is why I feel this way?  
HELP!  Has anyone felt this way?
Thanks for any imput...
by stephanie86, Jul 06, 2008
I also have been battling a sinus infection for a couple weeks. i was prescribed actually 3 rounds of doxycycline for it, and flonase, and also sudafed. i have polyps that have formed in each side of my nasal cavity. MISERABLE! Dr. also thinks some ofit is allergy-related. But in the last week or so, i have had the weird tingly sensations on my scalp/head. sort of like when you get cold chills but just in random spots on my head. doesn'thurt, just odd.
by DaveINFlames, Aug 14, 2008
from reading the dates its a late reply, but i have that exact tingly feeling in the scalp, headaches that last for days, i take ibuprofen, panadene... anything with codeine and it still doesn't work. i had it a year ago, went to the doctors, and because i worry about things too much, i got anxiety and panic attacks... so the docs think im just creating symptoms, but i still believed theres something wrong, besides the anxiety..after time the symptoms got milder, and i forced myself to cope and believe it is anxiety.... anyways ive just had FESS (funtional endoscopic sinus surgery) because of blocked sinus's wich ive always had, and now all these feelings have returned again...

trying not to panic

any ideas anyone?
by Khryce, Aug 14, 2008
I can identify with the tingly scalp and the "lead" feeling, though in my case I have described the "lead" feeling more as a feeling of what it feels like when you're coming off of Novacain after a dentist visit.  My jaw, gums, teeth, and lower cheek, and head above the eye feel like stone, and it's only on the right side of my head.  I went to the ER two years ago because I didn't have insurance.  I explained that I thought I had a sinus infection on the right side of my face (I had one at one other point in my life so I was familiar with the difference between allergies and pressure vs. infection pain).  I told the doc that I was having lots of pain on the right side of may face, around my cheek and eye, and was also experiencing headaches.  Well, after all the doctors I've seen in the past two years while trying to get this ever lingering ailment checked, it's apparent that they don't want your input.  I was given Benadryl for congestion and told to take tylenol for headaches.  I didn't take the Benadryl because it doesn't agree with my system.  Since then, it's been two years of headaches, which lead to intense jaw pain, eye pain, ear pain (both stabbing type pains that come then subside after a couple of minutes), to rumbling in my ear, to clicking noises in my ear, to neck/shoulder/back pain, to swollen lymph glands (all of these symptoms only on the right side), to pressure on my pharynx, to teeth sensativity, to tingling in the scalp, and most recently tingling or shooting pains in my arms and legs from time to time.  I've had a couple of docs jump on the TMJ bandwagon immediatelyl because I told them that I have been known to grind my teeth when I'm under stress, or that it's anxiety related, or that the swelling in my neck was my CAROTID artery!  That last one came from an ENT who determined this after a total of three minutes in his office!  Well, all I can say is that I have been under enough stress to cause teeth grinding, and that if there is any stress or anxiety in my life, it's not getting to see a doctor that seems to give a &$^#& about why I'm in their office.  I hope you can find someone to help you end your torment!  If you have any luck, please pass it along!

Best wishes,
by briabuns, Nov 27, 2009
my facehas ben feeling tight snd it tingles an itches under the skin lik wtf is this im scared caus i dntno what it is pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help
by briabuns, Nov 27, 2009
yea sooo i went to the hospital and go a cat scan they found nothing wrong but my i constonly get headaches severe but not ur average had ache it feels like someone is pintching a nerve in myhead i get them once a year but last year i was soooo bad if i went outside an it was cold it felt like someone took cold water nd poored it on my brian but when i get really mad or jus annoyed it feels like my head is on fire i dont undertand in a couple year i will b attending lw school and i no  the stress will be severe so i need to fiqure wht this is s it can b one less thing on my plate oh and as ell lately the feeling i had n my head lat year i feel in my face my upper cheek it feels like someone pintched them and they hurt so bad an in mychin it itches under th skin please respond if yu ca help with m matter
by pattie606, Apr 16, 2010
I've been having anxiety attacks that I assumed related to perimenopause and most recently started developing upper back pain, which then moved into my head.  My scalp also feels tingly and I feel pressure in my head, not so much like lead but like a wind blowing and causing pressure to my scalp, face and back of my head.  Once in awhile I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head an over my left eye.  It's not constant, but when it hits, my anxiety increases and the weird feeling in my head intensifies. At one point I had a feeling like a headrush when I was walking home.  Very scary!  Any ideas what this could be or how to treat it?  Does it sound just like an anxiety-related headache or something more physical?