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Twitching arms
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Twitching arms

Recently I have been having some problems with my arms twitching uncontrollably.  I cannot feel the twitching but it looks pretty severe.  Originally my doctors thought it was due to heat or dehydration but they ruled this out.  The symptoms usually last around 2 hours and then the spasm will subside.  I'm wondering if this problem could be a result of a bulging disc in my cervical spine that was diagnosed a couple months ago after a snowboarding accident.  It seems to me that maybe this disc could be pushing on a nerve and causing these symptoms.  What do you think?  If this is the case, what would be done to correct the problem?
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Hello Dear,
It seems you have been having some neuropathic condition like Benign fasciculation syndrome which is a neurological disorder characterized by twitching of various voluntary muscles in the body like that in eyelids, arms, legs, and feet.The twitching may be occasional or may go on nearly continuously. An electromyograph test is desirable to assess your condition better.
Do you also have altered sensations, fatigue, muscle cramps and exercise intolerance?
Have your anxiety levels incraesed in the recent past?You should consult a neurologist and evaluate the cause.
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