Ultrasound 35 weeks fetus enlarged cisterna magna
by bgnataliya, Mar 23, 2010
Hi there,

I desperately need an opinion and advise. At 30 and 35 weeks my ultrasound of my baby's brain showed prominent cisterna magna 15 mm. They sent us to a level 2 ultrasound to confirm the size of 13 mm. The doctor who reviewed the results said there was nothing else she found in the baby and advised us about Dandy Walker variant. She also said the most important will be the evaluation after baby is born. She also said that the baby can have some problems or there is a chance that will not have anything wrong and we just have to watch him as he grows - how he have not stopped c develops.I rying ever since i found out. Please let me know what do you think and how serious this condition is?

Please help
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