Undiagnosed symptoms - Fainting, weakness, sharp head pains, heart palpitations
by MCKA, Oct 19, 2006
Hi!  I have been having some unexplained medical problems for the past 1 - 1/2 years.  It started with sharp quick pains in the head, sometimes feeling like my head was in a vice.  I would sometimes see white spots or even a whole bunch of colors, & then everything would go black.  This would all happen within a 5 minute time span & then be gone.  I was extremely tired all the time also.  My doctor tested my thyroid, for anemia, and had an MRI of the head done.  Everything came back negative & they ruled it out as stress (which at the time I was under a lot of).  Now, starting this past February I've started having these fainting spells.  I start to feel very off balance, weak, sometimes the sharp head pains accompany this, & then I faint/pass out.  Once I come around a little the heart palpitations start.  I was diagnosed 6 0r 7 years ago with a Mitral Valve Prolapse (minor).  Have never had any real problems with it.  My doctor since has tested me for diabetes, hypoglycemia, again for thyroid problems.  All my blood work looks great they keep telling me.  I have passed out 5 times since February, and the last 4 have been almost a month apart from each other (this last time just happened last night while sitting at dinner with a couple friends).  I am scheduled for an echocardiogram today, a tilt table test next week, & then a trip to the Neurologist in a few weeks.  
Although it's great hearing that "nothing" is wrong.  It's starting to scare me a little, because this can't be normal.
Any suggestions, input advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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by kitlyn, Oct 19, 2006
Hi I have had MVP since i was 29.It came on suddenly, i take atenonol 75 mg a day , had too as my heart palps dont stop and my heart at that time wa sgoing 130 bpm. I feel for you .I thought it was such a struggle to have that. The med helps , but cause s fatigue.. i had some near fainting but didn't totally pass out. This past August i got this severe head pressure ,,and blood pressure dropped like i would pass out,,and then i saw a neurologist and he said that i should get the MRI mine wasn';t normal , so iam struggling until i know more.. Noone seems to know whats really wrong yet anyway. Thats good your getting the heart tests.. stay on it..  Let us know how it turns out. K
by MCKA, Oct 20, 2006
Thanks for the input.  Went in for Echo yesterday at 4pm had results by 6pm.  Cardiologist says everything looked normal and that she didn't even see a prolapse of the valve.  I'm guessing that the diagnosis made 7 years ago was a miss, because I didn't think that MVP could just go away.  That's good news I guess.  Just have to see how the tilt test comes out and the visit with the head doctor.  The off balance feeling and sharp head pains hopefully can be explained by the Neurologist.
Thank you again.
by marRachel, Dec 21, 2006
Sounds like quinolone antibiotic toxicity.  Cipro or avelox or other drugs in this family.  Symptoms can happen months after taking.  good luck