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Venous angioma in the right frontal lobe
I am a 47 year old woman who up until 2 years ago,held down a full time job,and was able to do a lot of things that I took for granted.I was diagnosed last June with what I am told is an enhancing venous angioma in the right frontal lobe.I also noticed that I was losing time or "entering a FUGUE state"...These "states" can sometimes go on for hours,and now i'm too afraid to leave my home alone,because the last time I did,I lost 5 hours and had absolutely no idea of where I was..I had to quit my job,because I couldn't take the chance of having a seizure or a blackout while at work. I also suffer from severe Fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis in my back,neck and shoulders,which I THINK causes my severe migraines.I have seen' Doctors' here in Winnipeg,Canada,( I use the term loosely because of the way I have been treated by certain physicians both in office and Emergency Room.) I have tried 2 or 3 different seizure medications and they have done nothing but make it worse. I went to the ER,because I was in so much pain that I felt like I was going crazy,after talking at me for 2-3 minutes,This 'Doctor',walked into the hall directly outside my curtains and said to his resident-" How stupid does she think we are? I am sick and tired of these natives coming in and trying to weasel narcotics.He then ordered meds,and told the nurses to get me out of his ER. When I was leaving,he told me that he put in my chart that I was NOT to be seen again,and no doctor would treat me there again.I am terrified,I feel like NO-ONE believes me and that Im all alone,I don't know who to turn to to get help,because if I do not get help soon..I really don't know how much longer I can last. My quality of life has gone from a 10 to a 2 on a good day.. I forget things so easily,things that i should know,I have tremors in both hands,migraines,blurry vision,...If there is ANY KIND of help you can advise me on,I would be SO willing to listen,read,whatever.I have no one to talk to and feel ALONE. HELP
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You are NOT alone! We are all here for you!

Sometimes we can't respond right away, but we will respond.

It's a crying shame what they put you through.
Time to find another new "doctor" huh?
IF that should ever happen again...offer up an arm to the doctor and tell him to draw blood and check for drugs in your system...that ought to shut him up. Or tell him that you aren't there for drugs...you just want to know what is wrong.
Shame that the "doctor" you saw was prejudice too.  Don't know how anyone can be that way anymore...especially in Canada.
It seems that some people only have to run into one "bad apple" and then assume that ALL people of that nationality are that way. But that's for a different forum.

Anyway, my mom suffers like you. It's very scary at times. We find that if someone talks to her she will "snap out of it" right away.
She was told that she suffers from absenteeism seizures. She loses track of time, seems to be in another world or asleep with her eyes open.
They thought it was narcolepsy at first...that's when you fall asleep anywhere at any time...even mid-sentence...and you carry on the sentence from the same spot, not matter how long you were "away" for. There's more to it than that, but it's a good summary. lol

I would suggest taking a road trip...Alberta, Saskatchewan...doesn't matter where...just keep trying until someone takes you seriously.
Perhaps a smaller town in Manitoba?
Small town doctors are normally "better" I find. They seem to care more, and run more tests.

Have you tried seeing a chiropractor? They will at least send you in for an xray.  Make sure to tell them about the osteo first, so that they will be more gentle.
They may be able to help you better than you can imagine as well...esp with the migraines.
Yoga may be beneficial to start with, but you really need to be diagnosed as well.
The part that confuses me is that: angiomas are associated with other malformations, such as a cavernous malformation, the primary malformation may require treatment itself. However, the angioma is generally left alone.
There are rarely any symptoms, and are normally only found when CT scan, MRI scan or cerebral angiogram, which was ordered for some unrelated reason.
So, not to be "nosey"...what brought you in for testing in the first place?
Did you receive a blow to the head? The headaches? Or did you just have a more caring/thorough doctor to begin with?
Angioma CAN bring about headaches, but NOT migraines...so the migraines must be stemming from something else...perhaps your neck (like you suggested) or diet.
Avoid "fake sugars" such as in diet pop...those can trigger migraines pretty fast.
Try and pinpoint any allergies.
Try and avoid too much caffeine, and then, when you feel a migraine coming on, you can down a cup of coffee to help ease it...that is the primary ingredient in Cafergot..the medicine used for migraine relief.

Another thought is to see a psychiatrist...not trying to sound rude, so please don't take this the wrong way.
A psychiatrist could help more with the "fugue state"...or at least after seeing one he/she could write a note to a doctor so that you WILL receive help.
I have a family doctor that insisted I suffered only from anxiety...a trip to a psychiatrist ( at his insistence ) proved beneficial...she nixed his notions about anxiety in the bud. He now takes me seriously.
I will keep looking for ideas to throw at you...and you keep me updated with your condition...okay?
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