Video game induced dizziness
by tmo554, Nov 28, 2010
Hello there.Just recently I stumbled upon a problem that i'd heard alot about but never thought it would affect me.You see, I was playing GH3 tonight on my PS3, LCD HDTV, and I do wear glasses.I was also siting approximately 2-3 feet from the TV.In one of the music sets it kept cutting to this camera angle which was basically a moving birds eye view.It bothered me a bit, but I figured it was nothing and just kept playing.This scenario happened 2-3 more times until I started feeling pretty weird.I paused the game for a second, took off my glasses and looked to the right at my games/dvd collection and was stunned at what I was seeing.The games/movies appeared to be getting bigger and smaller, closer to me and further away (I know first thought may be that I was drunk or stoned but I haven't had anything to drink for over and week and don't do any drugs) and this REALLY freaked me out and I can't have that since I have anxiety problems.After a few minutes this feeling went away and my vision was perfect again.Needless to say I stopped playing immediately and started  
googling this for answers.While most people have had dizziness and vertigo with mostly combat based games, none were really dead on with what I had experienced.I wanted to get some more opinions based specifically on my problem and hopefully many others can gain useful knowledge from your answers.
Thanks so much in advance!
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by Dr SharmaBlank, Nov 28, 2010
Hi there. This is video game related motion sickness/ dizziness and the best way to tackle this is to stop playing video games before it worsens. Open the windows of the room or step out and breathe in fresh air and stay there till normalcy. Certain precautions can be taken like turn on more lights, sit as far from the computer screen. You can try chewing ginger pills which can alleviate dizziness.
Consult a neurologist for further evaluation and prescription of drugs for the dizziness if the above measures don’t help. Take care.
by caregiver222, Nov 28, 2010
The "flicker" from a CRT screen affects the optic nerve. Under certain circumstances this can precipitate an actual epileptic seizure.  Or a medical condition somewhat short of a complete seizure. The same thing can happen from the flickering of sun through an aircraft propeller blade. Certain animations and CRT configurations exacerbate this phenomena. The "flicker" affects the brain. How exactly a seizure is induce is not clear.  This medical problem has been well-documented and researched. Sitting "far" from the computer screen has nothing whatsoever to do with the problem, nor does "turning on more lights".

There is a genetic componant.

Use of a polarized screen or polarized eyeglasses help some people.