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Vision changes, headaches, memory loss, swollen lymph nodes...
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Vision changes, headaches, memory loss, swollen lymph nodes...

Alright, I've posted on here before but I'm going to try and type out everything that has happened to me; These symptoms seem to be getting worse and worse but no doctor can help me.

I'll give you the background first...

About a year and a half ago/two years I was working the night shift at my local grocery store. I started drinking a lot of energy drinks to stay awake, and I hardly slept. I then noticed a lump on the back of my head that just randomly appeared. I went to the doctor and the he told me it was nothing but that he'd do some blood tests. The tests came back clean, and my life continued for another few months until I noticed a smaller lump under my chin. Along with this lump was a loss of hearing and ringing, so, I went back to the doctors. He did a few more blood tests and told me that I just had bad allergies; He said that if it didn't go away he'd refer me to a specialist.

Three or four months after that I found lumps in my neck, my groin, and behind my ear. My hearing issues had subsided somewhat but It started to feel like I was listening to everything underwater. (With added ringing)

Then I decided to smoke some marijuana, and I had the worst experience of my life. (I'm not a chronic drug user)
I started passing out, having panic attacks, felt like there was water dripping down my head and I couldn't remember who I was or where I was. Since then I've felt very disconnected from everything, not only that but a week or so after that I developed an abundance of floaters which I had never experienced before. They started to get very bad, and my eyes got extremely sensitive to light.

A few days after that I had a major panic attack so they say, and my symptoms just kept cascading...

I now have constant headaches, It hurts to move my eyes, I have millions of dots in my vision, lots of static or fuzz, circular flashes, everything is ghosting, and I have double vision along with these sparks and fireflies which do crazy patterns before my eyes. I'm also having problems pronouncing words, and understanding what people are saying to me.

Another weird symptom is feeling like my limbs are gone...
I have these episodes where my head feels very warm, my ears ring, I get a really bad headache, lose my balance, and feel like I don't know where I am. This is sometimes followed by an urge to vomit, but I never have.

I wanted to go to College but it's hard enough to remember what I had for supper a few hours after I ate it. The panic attacks have started to go away but with all these other problems I can't even hold up a job. I've gone to an eye specialist, an ENT, and all of them tell me that nothing is wrong. The ENT found the lumps mysterious but other than that he said, "If they aren't growing larger, it isn't anything to worry about". The eye specialist told me it was dry eyes, so I now have these eye drops which don't do a god damn thing for my vision problems. (By the way, the double vision is in both eyes)

My doctor then did CAT scans on my chest and revealed nothing at all...
I'm stumped, the doctors are stumped, and I don't know what exactly the next step is.

Am I neurotic?
Is it something neurological?
Is it not?

Any feedback would be nice. :P

The memory loss is really getting to me...
And sometimes I'll walk down the street adjacent to mine and feel like it is my street, even though I know it isn't.
I also keep smelling things that aren't there. :S

Lumps are no bigger than 1-2 centimeters, and they are for the most part rubbery.
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go to all experts questions &  i think you need a run some test. why did they do cat scans of your chest? its your head causing problems.the expert on all expert answered me back in about 3 days.
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They were looking for lumps in my chest, trying to knock Lymphoma off the list...
I think.
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