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Vision changes and MRI
I’m a 43-year-old male who is in good physical condition.  About 8 months ago I noticed a slight distortion in my vision that occurs with the beat of my pulse.  That is, my vision is mostly normal, but there is a very slight change in my vision during each fraction of a second that coincides with each heart beat.  The vision change is subtle but noticeable if I am not moving and looking at a fixed object. It has never stopped since I noticed it about 8 months ago.

I told my GP about this.  She referred me to an ophthalmologist and ordered an MRI.  The ophthalmologist gave me a very thorough exam and told me that my eyes were healthy and normal.  The MRI results are as follows:

FINDINGS: The CSF-containing spaces appear mildly dilated for the
patient's age group. The cortical sulci appear slightly prominent.
There are no areas of hemorrhage, mass effect or extra-axial fluid
collection. There is a normal signal flow void within the major
visualized vessels.

The diffusion-weighted images demonstrate no evidence of acute,
hyperacute or subacute infarction.

After gadolinium was administered, there are no areas of abnormal
enhancement. The cerebellum, pons and pituitary appear normal. The
pineal, sella and orbits appear normal.

There is moderate hyperintense signal with fluid level in the left
maxillary sinus. Consider further evaluation with CT scan imaging of
the sinuses to exclude infectious disease.

1) The CSF-containing spaces appear mildly prominent and the
cortical sulci do as well. These findings can be seen in patients
with longstanding chronic disease. Early atrophy should also be
clinically considered and excluded.
2) Moderate opacification of the left maxillary sinus.
Recommend CT scan imaging to exclude acute sinus disease.

Two questions:  

1. Any ideas on what is causing these vision issues?  Another doctor that I know through work suggested that it could be a vascular or heart issue since the vision change is in sync with my pulse.  

2. What do I make of this MRI?  I was concerned upon reading the results.  I have an appointment with a neurologist in the middle of January, but that seems like a long time from now and I’d like to get some feedback before then.  Thanks!  
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Can you please describe the vision change in a little more detail ? (e.g., blurring, double vision, black spots, one eye or both, etc. )

The MRI suggests a Maxillary sinus problem. A CT scan is a better tool to detect early changes and also any bone erosion that may be taking place.

The prominent sulci and CSF containing spaces may be unrelated to your present symptoms. You have to consider ruling out any maxillary sinus pathology, possibly, a vascular growth or malformation.

A CT scan will be helpful, and so will be the Neurologist's opinion.

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