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Visual disturbance, vertigo, disorientation post ear-infection
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Visual disturbance, vertigo, disorientation post ear-infection

My apologies if my question is redundant.  I tried to search the archives for a match, but because of my symptoms, it became a highly uncomfortable exercise.

Aside from this current problem, I am a healthy 31 y-o female, I recently became very physically active after losing 30+lbs with 6-week course of adipex and B-12 shots.  I've maintained the weight loss for over a year.  For the past couple of months  I have been aware of increasing loss of hearing in my right ear, which culminated last week with approximately 50% loss of hearing in it, as well as extreme sharp pulsing pain in the ear canal and across the right side of my mandible overnight. I didn't have any fever or vomiting. I went to see my doctor the following morning and she diagnosed an infection in the ear canal and irritation of my tympanic membrane, presumably caused by swimmer's ear.  I was prescribed a 5-day Z-pack and a 7-day course of corticosteroid ear drops.  The hearing loss is less pronounced now, but still not fully recovered.
As of day 2 post-diagnosis, I developed an uncomfortable pressure in my right ear and slightly blurred, double vision.  Over the course of the day, the visual distortion became more pronounced, to the point that I was unable to read notes I had prepared for a power point presentation that afternoon.  The effect was similar to crossing one's eyes or looking through glasses with a higher prescription than one needs.  Despite the fact that I knew the material, I became extremely confused and forgetful and was unable to continue.

I had my vision exam the next day, and everything was normal with 20/20 vision, except I  was prescribed "computer glasses" to minimize eye strain.  The symptoms have continued since, at times becoming so severe they cause nausea and a sensation like falling or as if I am standing at the edge of a cliff.  I have not had any trouble sleeping, I haven't had any changes in diet or consumed any alcohol, and other than the antibiotics and ear drops no other medications.

Are these symptoms related at all to my ear infection, or is there something else I should look into?
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I had a similar experience - on July 13th I was working on the computer.  I remember having a tiring feeling around the brows for days before.

The central spot where we look started missing tiny details, within minutes the grey patch grew so I couldnt see what I was looking, only the objects surrounding it. Panicked , I decided to call it a day & go home, by the time, the central grey patch had cleared but the right side of vision was missing too many details. I had to pan my head all 180 degrees to make sure no car was coming in the road.

On the way back it became terrible, and a bad feeling inside right side of my head. I called 999 & the A&E attended to me. My vision came back in 20 mins & they sent me for headscan etc. I am waiting for diagnosis next week.

But since the incident, I have become disoreinted, semi-sleep like feeling, visually registering things have become slower.

It is a terrible trauma.

Any insights in to this?

Many thanks
Krishna Nair
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