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Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis
I have some questions about Vit D and MS.

1) What is your opinion in the role Vit D may play in the development of MS? Vit D deficiency is sometimes seen in MS patients. Is this a proven fact?

2) Do people with normal Vit D levels develop MS too? In other words, if they had the proper Vit D levels their whole lives, would they go on to develop MS?

3) And what causes Vit D deficiency in a person?

4) Do you think that high doses of Vit D may help to alleviate symptoms and/or disease progression? If yes, what doses?

I’m going to switch topics here.

5) Are babies born to mothers with MS at a greater risk in developing MS?

6) Is it safe for MS patients to drink alcoholic beverages? Is drinking a few alcoholic beverages a month ok? What are the limitations/restrictions?
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