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Warm tingles, shoulder pain, soft needle pricks.
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Warm tingles, shoulder pain, soft needle pricks.

Dear specialists of the forum,

Since two or three years, I (man, age 29, 160 pounds, healty, no smoking, no alcohol) have quickly sleeping (tingling) legs and/or knees (while sitting), arms (while sleeping), or cheeks (while bicycling). Recovery time after taking away the cause takes sometimes 5 to 10 minutes, which I think is too long.

Since one year, I get two to three times every day warm feeling tingles in my feet (like my socks are warm and tingly), in my hands and on my head. At other times I feel soft needle pricks (2 or 3 each day) at all possible locations. I have the feeling that both have to do with movement or location of my neck, but I'm not sure.

Since one year, every day I feel a raw tingly pain between my left shoulder and neck, most of the times when I'm standing.

Three years ago, while I was dancing, my whole right part of my body got numb, but I could move everything. At the same time, there were tingles on my head. I felt very weird and anxious (I was afraid I would die).

Three years ago, I was attacked by a cat that was clearly ill. The two small wounds at my left hand dissapeared, but two bright red spots at the wound location remained for two months. Hereafter, I got a swelling of my lymph node in my armpit (one month).

Sometimes I feel like I've a little fever, but my temperature doesn't indicate this.

Are these symptoms related, is this something serious or (hopefully) not. Or is it RSI-related, because I work often with the computer?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Jansen
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Dear Paul:

I am sorry that your having symptoms that make you uneasy.  I am afraid that I can't give you a very good answer what is occurring.  I assume that you have been to your family physician and likely a neurologist without a good reason from you problem.  I would doubt that they were RSI related as this is usually something like carpal tunnel, which none of your symptoms are describing.  There are various, and many diseases that can cause paraesthesias.  Most of them would have given you other signs by now.  I would suggest that with your next routine physical exam that you get some added blood work such as vitamin B12 level to see is something more chronic is going on.  I would think that is would be normal also, but a long shot for what might be happening.  I am sorry that I am not much help.


CCF Neuro MD
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