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Weakness in leg and fingers
I'm Moussa Mhanna from Lebanon,
I have a problem since 5 years that is progressing slowly:

1-     I have a weakness in my left leg, I experienced difficulties when I walk for long distances, also the volume of the muscles is a little smaller then the right one.

2-     I have also a weakness in my fingers especially in my right hand; If I  extend my right hand the 2 middle fingers still down, but I can close it normally,

I tried the following steps:

1-     General Blood studies, everything was normal
2-     Neurobion (vit B1,B6, B12) for 3 months.
3-     Predicor (Corizon) 10mg for 3 months and 20mg for one month.
4-     I’ve did the EMG 4 times (everything was normal, no conduction blocks)
5-     IRM for my Neck and my head.
6-     Ancopir Ampoule (B1, B6, B12)
7-     Prozac & Depakine  for 7 months
8-     And finally I did a biopsy from my neck to see if there is any inflammation and it was normal.

I'm sick of all the above with no results, plz can anybody help me?

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