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Premature birth, slouch, athsma, resperatory allergy, collenurgic effects, circadian rhythm deficiencies, memory related concentration issues. Noncompetitive personality; no ability to focus on sports. Use of metoporol epinephrine-inhalor astelin benadryl and claritin.  Desiprimine highly effective, but seems to cause tachycardia and worsening of blood pressure with drive to alcohol use by depresssion when using desiprimine.

There is clearly a correlation between barometric pressure and wakefulness since birth worsening.
There is clearly a correlation between ozone, smoke and alergen exposure and irritations since birth
There is cleary a correlation between mold and lack of wound healing and ear driness worsening.

I have noticed that benadryl and other substances which affect my disorder cause the tounge to numb or tingle indicating a neuroactive substance. I always thought benadryl was active to a chemcial messenger between cells, but not nerves. I believe that the proper function of cell and nerve communcation is necessary for proper function of healing, thought, and immunity.  However barometric pressure does not add up.

Is the link of barometric pressure affects due to propreoception blood pressure sensing and nerve conduction?

I have always been suspicous that the same deficiency causes my common allergies were created when my mental deficiencies were also created; during premature birth and exposure to environmetals.

I'd just like to crawl in a airfiltered hole all summer then soak in a tub infront of a heat lamp all winter.
Any comments or ideas?

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