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Weird sensations, prickly, numbness, feeling like blood creeping up, fe...
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Weird sensations, prickly, numbness, feeling like blood creeping up, feeling like not enough blood or oxygen getting to head/neck

I know what anxiety is. This is not all anxiety related. It may be because I haven't been eating as properly as I should have (due to my fear of choking...OCD/trauma stress related conditions). But this is making it tens times worse to cope.
So for a month: two weeks would fall asleep and feel as if pressure in my head, then I would feel blood creeping up and I would feel *BAM* like a contraction or shock in my head. I related this to sleep issues and thought it would go away.
Recently I've lost weight, but I don't think this is all because of not eating enough. Plus I ate 3 yogurts today, chocolate milk, blended up some food and made it into soup for lunch and blended up banana/milk/peanut butter. After that I felt nauseous. But lately, (and right now its 4 AM and I wanted to wake up my aunt because I feel like my whole family isnt taking this seriously and I feel like something major is happening...but I didn't wake her up..). I freaking need sleep! I'm so tired. I went to sleep sitting up and decided to slouch a little and as soon as I did I started getting the prickly feeling and numbness on my face, then I got that sensation that I was going to get a spasm or something in my head so i woke up before that happened. And I realized my neck was prickly when I touched it and numb! I pinched myself, so I could still feel but it was so scary I thought I couldn't swallow! And it still feels really sort of heavy and hard to swallow, and think I'm getting acid reflux from the top part of my esophagus (just started to get this a couple of days ago) but I'm scared there is something wrong with my swallowing now from my neck going numb. Also for a month I've gotten slight feeling like I'm on a boat/vertigo, more in the first two weeks but it went away. I'm scared right now but not anxious, I just feel miserable b/c my health insurance (if I'm accepted) won't kick until the 15th the earliest and today is the 9th. I don't think I can wait that long. I right now feel some creepy crawly feelings that kinda tickle in my face and the other night I felt a lot all over my body. I think it is the nerves but some of them almost feel like blood vessels. And this go to sleep, numb feeling in face, wake up with hard to breathe because of numb feeling in throat and sometimes spasm in head thing is really starting to get to me. I'm scared to sleep now. And why does it progress when I lay down? I think it has something to do with my heart rate going down, the blood vessels and the stage of R.E.M. sleep when I get these spasms... And then I was looking online and all these terrible neurological disorders. I'm only 19, I've already had my fair share of suffering (slight scoliosis in lower back, hunching, allergy conjunctivitis, high HDL cholesterol which supposedly contributes to fatty deposits which look like scars in my eyes, having traumatic stress from a bad drug I took in high school which made my OCD more internal and contributes to my fear of choking and lack of concentration when eating foods, which also leads to it being hard to go from the chewing to swallowing process, like sometimes it seems as if my mind freezes and just doesn't know what to do like I'm caught in the trauma of having the anxiety before of choking (even though I got over it it came back...)...

I mean I've gotten these electric shock feelings before but it was when I was stressed out not because I'm so tired, then I can feel as if the blood isn't rushing to my head, then tingly feelings, then prickly numb feelings and if I let it get that far then spasms in my head. Oh and for a month or more now I've been feeling like I can move the sides of my brain all the way from the sides to the back of my head like in incriments sometimes or it one big jolt by just contracting the muscles there or somethings. Its weird and thats what initially kind of had me worried. Plus Idk if acid reflux does this but it feels like the back of my throat is burnt right now, and I'm scared its either that or its my throat that is numb and its just that tingly feeling, but I can't tell because its my throat. Idk I'm really just feeling scared. Should I go see a doctor soon? And even if they prescibe me meds how the hell am I supposed to take them if I can't swallow pills, hardly food!?
Sorry for the rant there are just so many symptoms I've had that ARE SO RANDOM and seem to come out of nowhere. I'm really scared I messed up my throat right now because it just feels so odd and I'm getting the tingly tickly sensation in my chin and inside of my nostril. I feel like if I was older I wouldn't be so surprised but I'm only 19 and to have to live with this would be horrible and sleep is the only way right now I can get away but currently I can't even do that without almost feeling like I'm going to die. Anyone else have these symptoms? What tests should I get done and should I wait till I get insurance or should I see someone immediately?
Thank you!!!!
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Hey there, i'm experience similar if not identical sensations of general pressure, spasms/contractions, which happen in my head and face. I also get the feeling of things crawling along and inside my head, aswell as occasionally the feeling of liquad or blood dripping down my scalp.

These sensation are caused by pinched or damaged nerves. Mine were cause by me walking into a pole. when I went to the dentist (cause I knocked out a tooth) I got root canal treatment. he must have hit a nerve which has cause a train-reaction, resulting in the sensations in my head. Also when I hit my head, I could of slightly interrupted the vertebras in my neck, pinching the nerves leading into my head. I think my situation is a combination of the pinched nerves in my neck and the nerves trigged by the root canal.

Keep me posted Marcus.
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