What causes burning & stinging sensation under the skin??
by majaof3, Feb 19, 2010
I have a new "weird" complaint that has been going on for aprox. 2 months now. One night after my shower & was drying off & I noticed that my left ankle was burning & stinging like a cut... felt like I had cut myself shaving but there is no cut at all. I just ignored it because its just weird & figured it would go away, well it hasnt & yesterday I noticed the front of my right shin has the same sensation & this sensation is only felt when the skin is touched.. there is no rash or anything on the skin & it stings & burns under the skin as well... I say "STING" because thats exactly what it feels like a stinging burning pain as you feel with a cut from shaving but more painful.. so as of now I have 2 spots that hurt bad to touch & have no clue as to what this could be??? I have a lot of issues & I would like to discuss this with my doc but it sounds so silly & stupid to me that I dont even feel like bringing it up, but it does concern me now i have 2 areas with this pain & worried that eventually more will come up. I do have fibromyalgia & arthritis so it maybe that.. i dont know? I have tried to research on the internet but a lot of burning pain comes with tingling sensation & that is not my case, like I said " BURNING & STINGING" ( like a cut) Its crazy & I feel like I am losing my mind... I cannot take anymore!!!  For the last few years both of my legs are completely numb from the thigh down... I have had a nerve conduction study done & results were normal. My blood work did show that my folic acid was low & my primary care doc told me to take a supplement ( which I am supposed to anyway with my arthritis meds) I just cannot afford them as my insurance does not cover the folic acid. My arthritis doc doesnt seem to think that is causing my numbness in both my legs so Im confused! When I say numbness, they feel like they are heavy, cold & dead... I do NOT get the tingling of pins & needles etc. as if they were asleep.. it is just constant heavyness & weakness as if I were riding a bike all day & just got off to walk or like walking in think sand. They have not gotten any better although I have not taken the folic acid to see if it would help so that is a place to start I guess??? The doc said give it about a month if it doesnt help I need to see a Nuero... I already currently see 3 doctors for all my health issues & really dont want to go to another doc only to probably leave with no diagnosis & the feeling it is in my head... Nothing feels worse than that!!! I have concerns that I mave have MS, but I have been tested & so far nothing shows to give me that diagnosis but My Mother had MS & I see everything I am going through is VERY simular to what she went through but not exact. I was diagnosed with macular degeneration about a year ago as my vision changedc practically over night, but i thought it was due to a medication i was taking which does cause vision problems as a side effect.. It did get a little better when I stopped taking it & I couldnt continue taking it because i could barley see anything & it did not help the problem i was taking it for so i didnt see the point in continuing??
This is just so depressing & frustrating.. i am constantly miserable & suffering & my quality of life is very poor. I would like to se that improve but I cant imagine a life pain free & being able to do the things I love & enjoy... Im just here wasting away like my Mother did!!!
Well to all who take the time to read my story, Thank you from the bottom of my heart & please feel free to pass on any info that may be helpful... It would be greatly appreciated :)
God Bless

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by Dunyd, Apr 23, 2013
Well is funny that you bring that up, (i know it's being 3 years since your posting but reality is that the condition doesn't go away :() i have had that problem for at least 10 years, a "patch" of the skin hurts/stings like if you had a cut or you have had burn it :S at least that is in my case. I've tried different doctors through the years and all of them have been clueless and in disbelieve so if someone has an idea please share. And last but not least, the burn can come any time, anywhere in your body and multiple places at the time unfortunately on my experience :(, all the best to you
by mountainman1usa2002, Jun 15, 2014
I have on my left leg just above my left ankle inside part of leg, there is some tiny blood vessels that look like varicose veins only about an inch square, in that area I don't feel anything by touch, but if I bend over the pain, burning, stinging sensation happens....just weird.  I have just noticed it in the past couple weeks.
by kirmen055, Sep 29, 2014
I just read your post from 2010. I have so many familiar pains and symptoms you described, especially with my legs. In fact, I have so many health issues, and real pain, I feel like the doctors think I'm making it all up.  My mother also had MS, and I often wonder if any MS genes(my mother was diagnosed with MS and then found out she was pregnant with me) are responsible for any of my many health issues. I had a MRI a few months back showing white spots in my head. Although they couldn't tell me what the white spots were, they could tell me it was not MS. These white spots, unidentified, have  been  identified in people with migraines. I originally had this MRI due to headaches, and exact spots of pain on my left side of my head.  I do hope you are feeling better and at least have some answers.