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What is a Transitional Lumbar Vertebral Body??
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What is a Transitional Lumbar Vertebral Body??

  My MRI of my lumbar spine is normal except it says:
  There may be a transitional lumbar vertebral body which is difficult to tell with this study-
  plain film correlation is recommended if surgery was to be planned.
  Could this be causing pain, leg weakness and urinary retention?
  Does it require surgery?
  Thank you so much~~~lyn
Transitional vertebral bodies are a connom variant in the bony anatomy
of the spinal column, in which there is partial fusing of the bone of
two adjacent vertebrae. The role of this anomaly in producing symptoms
is controversial, it is seen in 4-5% of the population and of itself does
not require surgery.
It is believed that there may be a higher incidence of nerve root compression
in patients with transitional vertebrae,but this does not happen in all
cases by any means.
Your question can only be answered partly without seeing the scan,
transitional vertebrae do not automatically require surgery but if the
scan shows nerve root compression, in a specific case then it may be
any nerve root compression which is causing pain weakness and urinary
retention should be considered for surgery, regardles of the peresence
or absence of transitional vertebrae.

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