Why am i dizzy when i stand?
by Emski123, Nov 03, 2009
Virtually every time I stand up I get dizzy and light headed, and feel like I could faint. My vision sort of fades when the dizziness hits, but it's normal again within 30 seconds. I'm also feeling very tired despite sleeping well, I've been getting a lot of headaches, I am always cold, despite having the heating on and wearing 2 jumpers. I also find it hard to concentrate on things, and quite often I become very aware of my heartbeat.

When I saw my doctor, i had my blood pressure checked - normal, with a slight drop when standing, I also had a bunch of blood tests - thyroid - normal, cholesterol - normal, electrolytes/kidney type stuff - normal, and I'm not anemic.

I'm 22 and have been having these symptoms for about 2 months, but the dizziness is happening more often and for longer now. Ps i'm not pregnant.
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by nursekim, Nov 03, 2009
It really sounds to me like your blood pressure is dropping more than " a little" when you stand.  You are describing classic symptoms of what is called orthostatic hypotension.  It means that when you change positions suddenly either from lying to sitting or sitting to standing your blood pressure cannot keep up with your body and briefly gets low.  

Try changing positions very slowly to give your body time to adjust.  when you get out of bed sit on the side for a minute and then stand slowly and see if this helps.
by Emski123, Nov 03, 2009
my blood pressure top number dropped by 10, and i was told it had to drop by 20 for the cause to be postural hypotension. could it still be this?

i went back this afternoon only to get fobbed off and told "it's just one of those things" well it doesnt feel like just one of those things!
by supergirl1107, Jun 30, 2010
wow i think i have the same thing do! do u know if orthostatic hypotension can lead to other problems or is it just inconvenient but manageable if you change positions slowly? anything else u can do?
by Sara_christina, Oct 26, 2012
I'm dealing with the exact same thing right now it started about a year ago when. Started birth control and I actually got to the point where I did blackout and couldn't see or hear so I got off my birth control and if helped tremendously but within the last 6 months it's starting again and getting worse i don't have insurance and I want to go to the doctor I just hope there's something out there that can fix this problem Im only 19 I don't want deal with this all my life