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bad headaches
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bad headaches

My name is Vee and I  have had alot of really bad headaches. They get and have gotten so severe that I end up in the hospital for several days. I get stroke like symtoms (symptoms). I have a pineal cyst that was 9mm in May. and in August it was 1.1 cm. I also have mastoiditis and a cyst in my maxillary sinus. I have been the the doctor and have been taking
antibiotics for a least two months. I still don't feel well. My headaches are getting worse. Can somebody please give me some guideance?

Thank you,
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     Thanks for writing in. pineal cyst in most cases is asymptomatic, and it is rare for a pineal cyst to cause symptoms. If they do, these would most likely be headache, visual disturbances, or hydrocephalus, which can be extremely dangerous if left untreated.

Pineal cysts are not cancer and most of the time they do not enlarge over 2 centimeters.
I think your headaches are due to intracranial tension that is caused due to compression of adjacent parts of the brain with the cyst.
Consult your neurologist and discuss about surgical treatment for this condition.
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I had the surgery five weeks ago - no more cyst. no more symptoms. Go figure.

I started having headaches, daily and neck/ear/jaw pain back in May 2010 - sudden onset. . Went to an ENT, a dentist, a TMJ specialist, back to PCP. In June started getting migraines - about 1-2x a week lasting for hours.
They did MRI in July and found a pineal cyst 1.2x 1.7x1.0. More tests, more meds, doctors telling me I've always had headaches, they were sinus headaches, that the cyst wasn't causing the headaches. Migraines were coming 3-4 times a week - lasting 6 hours or more, I was taking way lots of drugs and not functioning well.

Saw a surgeon at Barrows Neurosurgical in Phoenix (where I live) and she said we should rule out all other possibilities, try different meds. Of course good advice- no one wants a craniotomy right?
My MRI showed no hydrocephalus but mild mass effect on the tectum.

Went back to the ENT, saw endocrinologist, opthalmologist, two neurologists and tried 8 meds. Kept getting worse. September had more MRIs , they showed no growth- so we decided to wait and do another set of MRIs after Christmas and see if we could find meds to control the pain. Was having migrines almost every single day at this point.Also neck, jaw, ear and facial pain, some motion sickness too.

Was taking a ton of pain meds and topomax (topamax) and imitrex every other day , sinus meds- you name it I took it and nothing was controlling it. Woke with a headache every day, was with me all day, went migraine at night. Was horrible and I'm no wuss when it comes to pain believe me.

I ended up in the ER Oct 18th with a migraine we couldn't stop. I literally cried for hours, two doses of IV meds, stayed in bed a week. Saw the surgeon & she read everything & said all conservative measures failed, she'd do the surgery. So on October 25th I had brain surgery. Posterior fossa craniotomy - so they went in from the back of my skull (which is why I still have my hair) , endoscopic tube up there and pulled out the cyst . And now five weeks later I have no more headaches, migraines, jaw/ear pain. All done. I do have alot of fatigue, some nerve pain which they tell me will go away (sharp stabby pains on the side of my head above and to the side of the incision) but totally worth it. I couldn't function with the headache- was in bed in the dark most nights, couldn't play with my kids, was pretty horrible. But I'm good now.

Was a scary month but have lots to be Thankful for. Great surgeon, great health insurance, supportive friends, family and church. Made it through and can now enjoy Christmas without daily pain. I'm on NO MEDS at all now except my thyroid meds and some melatonin for sleep (pineal gland controls circadian rhythms and sleep/wake cycles and still having sleep issues) and still some neck pain they think probably from scrunching up due to the headaches.

DO not give up. Read on and other published medical journals.

Talk to surgeons. Rule out everything else it could possibly be and do not give up. I have complete resolution of symptoms other then the nerve pain which should dissipate with time.

Hope some of this helps
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