bad lower back pain still 3 weeks after lumbar puncture
by caitie_p, Oct 22, 2007
About 3 1/2 weeks ago i had a lumbar puncture procedure to screen for meningitis. The results came back negative. I am worried because my back pain hasn't gone away like the doctors told me it would. the area where the spinal tap was performes is still veyr tender and if I bend over at all my back hurts very bad, as well as when i get back up. Is this a normal side effect of the lumbar puncture.

     - caitlin
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by sickofbeingsick435, Dec 16, 2008
i just had a spinal tap and my right side of my back where it was done all the way down my right leg ache so bad on pain med how long will this last?
by cellie33, Feb 19, 2009
caitie or sickofbeing sick, did you find out what was causing your pain? I too had a lumbar puncture after which I got back and leg pain, and they don't know what is wrong. Any insights regarding your own experiences is much appreciated. Hope you're both doing a lot better since this post!
by shurely, Mar 11, 2009
Has your back and leg pain gone away yet? I'm having this too and my docors won't help. It's been over seven weeks since the test. Please help. Any information is appreciated.
by Timbo94, Oct 09, 2009
my wife had a LP a couple of days ago and is unable to move as if she stands up she feels nausea and very unstable.  She is in a lot of pain in her back as well as having awful migraines (which is what they did the test for).

I am worried hat she will have this pain for weeks based upon some of the blogs i have read.

Anyone have any information on effective pain relief?


by Cath278, Oct 09, 2009
Hi everybody. I have had a few lumber punctures done and I was sore after all of them.The last one , they had to have 4 goes before they got it right  I was pretty sore for about a month. If you think about it from a practical point of view, 1) they have interfered with a part of your body that has never been touched before.
2) Its a big needle that they use!
3)There is going to be bruising and soreness for a week or two.
4) Rest! If it is sore then lie down, rest and let your body heal.
Dont mind what the drs tell you.When was the last time one of them had one? You know your body.
If you still feel something is wrong, listen to your body, go back to your dr, hospital etc and make them listen to your concerns.
Some times the very thing they are testing for can cause the pain.Ask questions.
The best of luck to you all and I hope you feel better soon. Cath278.
by chelseac1, Nov 13, 2009
Im only 20 years old I had a spinal tap done just yesterday they had me lay flat on my back for 1hr then told me to go home follow up with neurology i scheduled  an appt n its a mth from now. Im in so much pain When i stand up my legs get weak n give out on me the pain in my lower back and left leg hurt so bad.Also this has done nothing but made my migraines even worse.They did a spinal tap because about one week ago today i started having these migraines out of no where n there just all of a sudden headaches.They thought i may have blood on my brain turns out it wasnt.But now im in even worse condition what am i suppose to do?
by LoobyLou25, Dec 22, 2009
I had a lumbar puncture five and a half weeks ago, when I was diagnosed with viral meningitis, and I am still in a lot of pain when I bend forwards and sit down for a long time. The only thing that relieves it is lying down or putting some heat onto the area. Its very difficult to get heat to the right area, as the pain in right inside my spinal column, not in the surrounding area, but heat does provide some relief.
I too have told my doctor about the pain when I have been for follow up appointments, but he has just ignored it and continued to treat the meningitis.
If anyone can give me an answer as to why I still have the pain - I would be very grateful!!! I understand there would be bruising and soreness as they went right inside the spinal column, but I would've thought after five and a half weeks, the pain would have gone?
by mountainbird, Feb 01, 2010
My son is 12 and had an LP 2 weeks ago and has a diagnosis of Pseudo Tumor Cerebri which is an increase of pressure in the spinal fluid and in the brain. He is still in tremendous pain from his LP. The day after he was given morphine for his pain and since we have only been able to slightly put a dent in his pain level on 2 Percocets. I can't even touch his back without him wincing. The Dr.s are not addressing this issue with me either. I don't like giving a kid so much narcotic for such a long period of time, and there seems to be no relief in sight.
by beachbty, May 19, 2010
Like you all said, I went to the ER for a migraine, and the attending thought I had meningitis.  CT came back negative. I  went back within 5 hrs of discharge bc my pain in my back was worse than the initial migraine, which then turned into the infamous "spinal headache" for  a good 10 days accompanied by blurred vision, tingling in my hands, and every time I stood up I thought I was going to puke.  All the while, my doctor never informed me that none of this would happen and I had to try to Google it when I got home. I could barely see sit or stand because it felt like I was cutting off my circulation and breathing.  It's been a month tomorrow and I still have horrible pain that radiates to my hips and across the lower and mid back, stops at the top of my back, and then reaches my neck and makes it hard to rotate.  After the second week, The migraine went away, but now it just comes and goes--its not consistent. It is hard to sleep through the night. I had to ditch the pain pills bc they made me more sick than the pain and now advil doesn't help since it feels like its in the nerve/tissue.  I don't have insurance so I am hoping it goes away soon! It gets better everyday but I would have never let the Dr. test me for it, had he discussed the results.  Now I am finding out there could be nerve damage and all sorts of things! If anyone hears any info. on what we can do to get better or when we will, please post! Take care!

Oh, and epsom salt and heating pads give some relief!