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blinking/twitching.....body jolts too
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blinking/twitching.....body jolts too

Hi, I recently posted on this forum regarding squint/eye deviation symptoms I was and am still experiencing. I believed.....(maybe wrongly or not) the background to these feeling was that about 2 months I smoked smoke cannabis/skunk and ever since then my eyes have felt somwhat unusual. Also, I was worried that maybe the cannabis left a permenant mark on my brain chemistry that could have affected eyesight......bearing in mind my brain might already be messed.....due to the fact I have OCD and GAD.

HOWEVER, now im extremely worried about my health because about 5 days I was trying to photograph my face close up with digital camera.....and to be honest wasn't really paying attention to whether the flash was on or off. But, when the flash did hit me it blinded me and my eyes pained for about a minute.....that was probably flashburn.......but every since that incident a few days ago I've noticed that my blinks  seem to be quicker and more frequent. I can control the blinks.......and I dont seem to have the problem when reading and on computer......but when I totally relax my face my eyes blink more then they should and really quick speed....blinking seems to happen in two's. I really hope i don't have the blinking disorder.

Also....I'm experiencing little twitches now and again on my nose...and the constant feeling that my facial/smiling muscles are being lightly worked. On top of this....when I'm in rest positions I often experience little jolts and that twitches all around my body that come and go....fingers, hands, body and head are places where I get the jolts/twitches.

The background to all of this is that I'm under a huge amount of stress/anxiety......and I keep thinking that cannabis experience 2 months ago is the root of all these problems.

Once again, I would really appreciate anybody's experience and thoughts on my problems.
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Avatar f tn
Well hello there again Niclas,
I'm not hogging you, but I am familiar with your situation.  The eye blink thing is likely from whatever is bothering your eye, like an infection.  That would explain your nose, face, and your ears (from the other post).  You really need to go ahead and get that eye looked at by an eye specialist.

Now, your body twitching, really sounds like your nerves are shot, perhaps not getting enough sleep, not enough good food, this will cause that jolting kind of thing.  If your electrolytes fall apart, you can get jittery.  Whomever you are seeing for your OCD and GAD, they should review your meds, they are NOT doing the job for you, rather tranquilizers should most definitely be part of your medicine cabinet.  I remember one time my panic disorder was taking a toll on me, and I got to where I could barely walk, my muscles were in knots.  I went to a massage therapist for two visits, deep Swedish massage, REALLY helped loosen up my muscles.

I know, it's possible you are now a seizure patient on account of some poison in the weed you smoked.  THEREFORE, even tho I think an opthalmologist can detect a problem with infection that has swollen up your eye out of place and put pressure on the optic nerve, you could also visit a neurologist with this whole thing, he can also check out your eye, and let him run a few little tests to see if you are seizure medicine material.  Actually, the tranquilizer I take, Klonopin, which is prescribed for my panic disorder, it ALSO has anti-seizure qualities in it, so add in visiting your OCD and GAD doc for better medicines, as I suggested earlier in this post.

BUT PLEASE if anyone else is reading this and has any notion as to what is causing our boy here to have all these twitches and spasmings, give him some tips.  I don't want to be the only one giving him advice, becuz I could be missing something important.
Avatar dr f tn
Hi there. You are most likely suffering from motor tics which are short lasting sudden movements occurring suddenly during otherwise normal behavior. These are
repetitive with numerous successive occurrences of the same action like blinking eyes or twitching nose.
Motor tics can be simple or complex. Simple ones may include movements like eye blinking, nose twitching, head jerking or shoulder shrugging. Cause is unknown but stress and sleep deprivation  are important determinants.
OCD   shows unusual dopamine and serotonin activity in various brain regions and GAD treatment includes a serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs. Usually tics will resolve on their own. Treatment of tics  may involve behavioural therapy.
Take care.
Avatar m tn
Thank you guys so much for taking the time out to post some advice for me.

The massage idea sounds good......its something amongst a number of things I could try to reduce my anxiety and stress. Also, seeing the local doctor about change in meds too.

I've been booked in to see an eye specialist.....and I might also consult a neurologist won't do any harm.

I'm hoping for the best.....thanks again for your support.
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