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burning skin around my eyes
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burning skin around my eyes

why do i weak up with the skin around my eyes burning and it turns red and its like i was burned in my sleep in 48 hrs the skin is hard and will peel in the red spots it weaks me up what is going on this has been going on 2 years. I fell 2 years ago and depresed disc in my neak and it was numb for 9 weeks. i read it could have something to do with that fall?

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ME TOO! i seem to have recently developed this on my face and it feels and looks exactly like a chemical burn... which is ironic since i use nothing but natural herbal oils on my skin and had to give up ALL cleansers/lotions/cosmetics over 6 months ago due to increasing chemical sensitivities

not sure exactly what is going on, but for what its worth, here's my own history:
was dx'd about 2.5 years ago with Rosacea, which progressed from occasional redness in cheeks & nose to later on some small telangectisis (broken capillaries) in nose, to finally last summer moving into the papulo-pustular form with much burning especially in chin & forehead.  last September i began holistic treatment for Demodex mite infestation (demodex overgrowth seems to be integral to the papulo-pustular variety). 2 months of internal & external herbal treatments saw a good reduction in my Rosacea, the redness & bumps nearly gone... unfortunately, about a week after i stopped internal cleansing herbs (tho was still continuing neem/castor/olive oil massage) all of a sudden my chin broke out with numerous small inflamed pimples which heal very slowly and burn like fire... i can't afford a biopsy or further visits to a healer, so have had to rely on lots & lots of online research to try & id the new skin issue: most likely suspect ive been able to find so far is some sort of bacterial folliculitis, possibly a gram-neg type which are notoriously more difficult to get rid of. and Demodex do carry gram-neg Bacillus bacteria which could have infected my pores during the mite die-off. so that's probly my best theory for that anyway...

but it doesnt seem to answer the new skin issues too well, and after hours & hours of yet more research i am still at a loss for an explanation to this. googling "face feels burned" DID bring up lots of hits for people (including you) inquiring about similar issues, as well as at least one dermatologist dr's advice board admitting the experts there were stumped too.

...anyway, with regular use of fresh garlic, neem oil & colloidal silver soap, after another month i had felt like i was finally getting on the upside of whatever bugger is responsible for the nasty painful little pimples.... then Thanksgiving struck (ha! more irony :) ...and of course i enjoyed all the goodies i normally avoid, expecting a 2 day detox hangover as payback for the indulgence. instead, i actually had pretty good energy for the next 3 days, then bham!- woke up exhausted, with aching joints & a swollen, puffy face and skin that felt scalded. especially a large dry, slightly crusty, reddened patch under my right eye that is very tender, almost itchy to the touch. after 2 weeks it is still there, a little less red but always reminding me of its presence...
in addition, a few days ago, one of the pimples on my chin flared up and became encysted, it is very painful and refusing to heal or to come to a head with hot compresses. i have also noticed that the skin over my whole face is slightly itchy and faintly spotty red- just like snowburn or windburn, except i havent been out in any extreme weather! also now in the past couple days, old rosacea scars that were very faint are now purplish and tender, and more tiny itchy pimples keep wanting to crop up. (btw- i am 40+ years old & never had acne as a teen. just now all of a sudden. and these are NOT the same as my earlier rosacea bumps at all.) oh, and as of a couple days ago my lips are also burning around the edges, they seem to have developed the same raised chapping as the spot under my eye- interestingly, it is only the outlining i had done 10 years ago that seems affected. this is NOT normal weather chapping, it is very painful and ONLY affects the tattooed outlines- the centers are still just fine. but all the affected areas look and feel "acid-washed", for lack of a better way to describe.

ive gone back on my internal cleanse in the hopes that perhaps i can get at this from the inside out, as before... its only been 3 days for that tho, so a bit early to tell... but my thinking is that IF this is microbial, the anti-parasitic herbs ought to have at least some beneficial effect. most antiparasitics are also antibacterial/-viral, and some are antifungal too.

the only other piece of info i can offer as to what might have precipitated my event is that the day after thanksgiving i had the truly brainy idea to bleach rust stains off the bathroom fixtures using Clorox- really not TOO smart, considering ive known for years that i am hypersensitive to Chlorine. normally tho, i get away with judiciously using it once in a blue moon for really stubborn stains- i'll usually get a headache, mild asthma & tummy cramps that strike immediately as i am using it and then fade over the next 24 hours or so. this time the fumes really seemed extra strong but i didnt notice any of the usual reaction other than a mild headache & stinging eyes... the 'burned skin' issues cropped up 2 days later. could be coincidence? altho, thinking back i do remember a dilute droplet splashing up as i was rinsing the sink, and hitting me somewhere on the face.... so, a possible connection after all.

oh, one other thing i suppose i should mention is that i have Morphea and Raynaud's Syndrome, both autoimmune issues of skin (collagen) and nerves, which means that autoimmunity can't be ruled out as a cause. it also indicates chronic inflammation, which is part of the autoimmune process, as being part of this problem too... at least as an aggravating factor.

i am very interested to find out what others have also learned through their experiences with this strange and frustrating "mystery" condition- especially whether anyone can positively identify what exactly is going on!
thanx, will be watching
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