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can't focus on speech...
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can't focus on speech...

first of all i have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and am on olanzapine but that's not the problem it just might usefull to know for answering this question.

anyway... when ever i am in a social situation with just one other person and i try to focus on having a conversation my brain stops working properly and i find it very hard to make conversation, stutering and string my word together and it feels like the front part of my brain isn't working properly.
in groups i feel fine, i figure becuase there is no pressure to make conversation so i never use that part of my brain.
it's not a confidence thing, i am overly confident talking to people.
i have discovered if i have lots of sugar like a big bottle of coke it helps alot.
also alcohol helps too.
i think the key clue is that lots of sugar helps.
i have seen my doctor about it and he thinks it's just diet and i dont eat enough but in any other situation apart from a social situation i feel fine and can do whatever i want fine even if all i eat in 1 day is a can of baked beans.
i feel it isn't just my diet.
strange blood sugar deficiency?
speech part of my brain isn't working properly?
what do all you guys think?

any help would be very appreciated
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Avatar dr m tn
As you have been diagnosed by Schizophrenia and you believe that you have a problem concentrate on your clinician and take the drugs and continue the counseling and you will be fine.
Start believing that you are as same as any individual and this dependence on sugar, alcohol is not good as it will derange your habits and metabolism.
For human body alcohol is like a drug and you will depend on that and you will have more of mental disorders with chronic alcoholism in the future.
What all you have explained you have a good Physician and only follow his instructions.
Take care!
Avatar f tn
Also, while I cannot imagine you make a habit of only eating a can of beans per day, anyone who has been diagnosed with a health issue must eat really well all the time.  And there is a forum at this website specifically for Schizophrenia, so you might wish to try your post over there, too.
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my mental doctors don't know what it is and i have told them about it almost everytime i saw them and they dont know what it is. i keep taking my medication and i dont need counceling. i dont have a dependance on sugar or alcohol, it just helps.

it's like the speach part of my brain doesn't get/process/burn blood sugar properly or something
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