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cervical slip disc C5-C6
I have been diagnosed slip disc at C5-C6 level. The C5-C6 disc shows
a large paracentral and lateral herniation causing foraminal stenosis
compressing the exiting nerve roots. Mild indentation of the cord is
also seen. There was acute pain in the backside of the shoulder and
the back side of right arm. The pain ha subsided by taking medicines.
However I have also under gone ozonucleolysis treatment for the
cervical slipped disc at C5-C6 level. I have certain queries that
after taking the ozonucleolysis treatment, does the herniated disc
shrink immediately at the time of administration of the said medical
procedure or the process is slow and gradual. what could be the time
period for the herniated dis to set at its original place whether it
is possible after such treatment. Further what are the precautions to
be taken by me in future so as to avoid further injury and pain. what
are the exercises to be followed making the neck muscles strong so
that the prolapsed disc does not cause problems in future. Is total
recovery possible in such case after taking ozonucleolysis treatment?
Please can some body guide me on the above matters.
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