constant headache and fluid draining into ears.
by alchris, Apr 11, 2007

i have been experinecing headaches for a couple of years they are twenty four hours a day they are always there. With the headachses I also have fluid draining into my ears, which than ring, become full, crackly and then after the draining relieves from my ears I feel my neck crackle. When the draining occurs I also feel the increase in headaches. I have had MRI/ and lumbar puncture, told they were fine . one other symtpom I can say is that if my nose runs from lets say after eating soup or sneezing my nose will run heavliy and I can actually feel the fluid building up on the right side of the head than the draining takes place. I just had another CT scan of the sinuses 3/23/07 and was told that there was free form fluid, synchaie??? and mucosal thickening of all the sinsues, including problems with the sinus air cells. . Told this is nothing to worry about. I am so at a loss as what to do or who to even see, as I know my symptoms better than anyone and I can without a doubt descrbie them to a tee. I can only say that this started after a sinus infection that seemed never to clear up. One more thing, when I feel the release of fluid this pressure builds up on the right side of my head almost direclty in line with the right ear after the pressure builds up I feel a release of fluid which than drains. hope someone can offer advice...........thank you   Can you tell me what is meant by Synechaie and free form fluid.  I do feel the fluid draining so I am wondering if that is the fluid I feel. But, I am not sure what Synechaie is thank you.  attached copy of cisternogram and mri.  I was questioning these two spots if you can help. I currenlty have the report only for the CT Scan of Paranasal sinsuses not films. thank you again:  the linkss are as follows.


by Forum-M.D.-SH, Apr 25, 2007
First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes.
    The symptoms that you describe are non-specific and do not signify any particular disease.  Headaches '24 hours a day' is a common complaint and is most often due to chronic daily headache.  These headaches respond well to a headache preventative medication such as elavil, topamax or zanaflex taken once daily.  It is also important to avoid other pain killer medications as more than 2 doses per week can cause rebound headaches (which are very hard to treat).     I would recommend that you see a neurologist that specializes in headaches for further care and diagnosis.  The images that you posted (a limited cisternogram and one cut of a MRI which was very poor quality) can not be interpreted due to their limited nature.  The term synechiae refers to a build up in muco-cilliary tissue that an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor whould be more qualified to discuss with you.  The symptoms of hearing fluid and ringing, crackling noises in your ears may be due to eustacian tube dysfunction (the tube that connects your ear to your throat.  I would suggest you see an ENT for your chronic sinus disease, for which I will not be much help.  I can say however, that many people with migraine headaches have their headaches triggered by sinus problems (and many thought they had 'sinus headaches', which are mostly migraines.
I hope this has been helpful.
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by terps1972, Apr 11, 2007
HI. I just saw your post and it reminded me of something I saw last week on Mystery Diagnosis/Discovery Health channel. They guy had a rare condition (complication from cholesteotoma?) that had some of the same symptoms, including the ear and nose drainage, headaches and crackling noise. However, he had problems with his ears as a child and terrible dizziness and vertigo as an adult- so this may not be any help at all. It's worth checking out though.
by firefighter533, Apr 11, 2007
I'm not a Dr. but I thought that I would tell you that I dealt with a colloid cyst last year and alot of it sounds the same as far as the sinus infection sounds and the headaches.  Being pretty much continous and working in an E.R. I was self diagnosing myself and taking over the counter sinus meds.  I would say that you need to see a different Dr. and get a second opinion.
by alchris, Apr 11, 2007
thank you for any info you provide it will help me a little more be my own advocate  to the doctors.  thanks again
by Cappy81, Apr 11, 2007
I would definately get a second opinion as if the fluid is clear ask your Dr if it could be cerebral spinal fluid as CSF can drain into the ears with increased intracranial pressure!
by StillSick, Apr 14, 2007
I'm very sorry for writing on here but I'm desperate.  I've tried to post my own topic for several weeks but I haven't been able to get into the forum.  If anyone would be willing to hear my "complaints" and help me out I would be overly greatful.
  One week before Thanksgiving, I became very sick.  For several days I layed in bed and slept.  I thought I just had a bad cold.  My throat was extremely sore so after a few days I went to the ER since it was a Sunday.  The doctor looked at my throat and told me to take some antibiotics and I should be fine.  He didn't do a strep test or anything but just put me on the antibiotics.  I was on the medicine for 5 days.  I started to feel a little bit better but soon became even worse.  I went to another doctor and he told me that it was just something viral so he didn't prescribe any meds.  After a while, I was still feeling horrible.  My ears became terribly sore.  I couldn't even touch them without them hurting.  I called the doctor and he prescribed me a second round of antibiotics.  After I finished the second round, I started to finally feel better (after about 3 weeks).  All of a sudden, my symptoms came back.  Throughout the whole first month, I had this strange clear drainage coming from my ears.  Every time the doctors would look into my ears they would tell me there was nothing in them and that it was probably just ear wax.  I know this cannot be true as it is a clear, sometimes sticky or sometimes smooth, subsance.  My ears will feel as if I had changed elevation dramatically and they need to pop.  After yawning and making my ears pop this liquid would drain out of my ears and would seem like it drained quite a bit.  I finally went back to the doctor, a favorite of mine who is a wonderful doctor, who prescribed me a third round of antibiotics which he put me on for 15 days, plus a refill.  He took x-rays of my head and told me I had triple sinus infection.  I ended up being on the antibiotics twice a day for a month.  This was now almost January and I was still extremely fatigued and frustrated as to why I could not get better.  Throughout this whole time I've had a random white spot on my tonsil which the doctors say is just food or bacteria stuck onto it.  They have tried to get it off but it won't move.  Also, when I feel sick my tonsils seem to swell up.  And another thing was my right gland in the front of my neck.  It would swell up to a HUGE size and go back down to normal within a matter of minutes.  It was very painful too.  I ended up seeing an ENT who told me I grind my teeth at night and this was the cause of all of my troubles.  I found that hard to believe.  After the ENT I went to see an allergist in February.  He found that I was slightly allergic to dust mites so I followed all of the steps to prevent the mites from bothering me.  Also, the allergist diagnosed me with migranes which I have been dealing with for a few years.  He then recommended an mono test which had been performed on me a few months prior.  The first test came back negative but this time it came back positive.  It said that I had had mono recently.  This was good news to hear that I finally seemed to have a diagnosis to all of my problems.  I just decided to somewhat take it easy over the rest of February and begining of March.  In March though, I began having sever side pains right below my right rib.  Doctors took x-rays and did an unltrasound but found nothing abnormal.  Meanwhile I have still had the horrible migranes, ear pain and drainage which wakes me up in the middle of the night and drains all day, and the strange side pains which seem to come on at completely random times.  I feel horrible every morning and frankly, I have forgotten how it feels to be healthy.  Nobody seems to be able to figure out what is wrong.  None of the doctors believe all of these symptoms are from the mono.  One doctor recommended a CT scan since I also have a sort of "lump" on the back left side of my neck and it seems to feel as if it is on the muscle.  This is where my migranes usually begin.  I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I might get better.  I still have all the symptoms that I had at the begining of this whole ordeal but they are a little better.  I am literally exhausted and don't know where to turn next.  I try to carry on as normally as possible but sometimes it just seems difficult.  I would truly appreciate any responses.  I'm sorry for leaving this comment but I feel desperate.  Thank you so much!
by Carol in PA, Apr 15, 2007
You could post on the Undiagnosed Symptoms forum.

Wishing you the best,
by tikaboo, Apr 16, 2007
Hi. I tried posting a comment in the other forum but I am unable to.So I am sorry for writing here about the problem. I was diganised a month ago with a pineal cyst.For the past 3 weeks I have had severe headaches everyday 24-7.I feel very sick to my stomach all the time.I called the neurologist last week the nurse told me I am not due for a follow up until Dec and if I want to see him I have to go through my family dr.even though he is the one who told me the results and did the MRI.I have to go for another MRI don't know when yet.I am very frustrated with the drs. they seem like they don't want to help and the pain is driving me crazy.Is there anyone here that has the same problem?
by alchris, Apr 16, 2007
Hi I understand how you feel I to have been given the run around for over two years already, so I know what it is like to push yourself thru a day not feeling good.  As I tell my husband I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  But I too have the fluid problem with the ears and mine started after a bout of sinus infections that never seemed to go away.  I can only say to keep trying as hard as it is to find an answer especially when we know something isnt right at all it is hard to describe.  Mainly my problem is a constant headache and fluid draining.  Have you gotten any MRI's not that they have helped me but I belive they are being misread.  try and tell a doctor they get down right anrgy like mistakes never happen.  I wish I could offer more help but I too am facing the same thing as sad as it is.